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Hi, as some of you know iOS 10.3 is the last iOS running 32bit apps. Starting with iOS 11 only 64bit apps will run. The current RoamingORB is 32bit. Does someone plan to update it? Who have the source code for it?

BR Daniel

All qOrbiter sources are in the regular git repository.

Unfortunately, creating an iOS app is a bit more complicated than just building it. The process to get it into the store for general consumption is not easy, especially for an app like qOrbiter which needs, for testing and evaluation purposes, a running LinuxMCE system.

golgoj4 is the creator and master of everything qOrbiter related. He might chime in.

Im talking about the old proxy orbiter app
Our family have been using it since 2010 on our iPads and iPhones.

oh. Sorry for not reading correct.

ouch, that does suck


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