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LinuxMCE installation help offer for Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York area


Good afternoon,

I will be available Tuesday til Thursday mornng in the above area, should anyone have the need for onsite assistance. All I ask for is a place to park a 26' long vehicle, and have a 110V outlet I can run my A/C on (requires about 20amps).

Right now I am in Quakertown, PA, and I'll need to be at the Newark Airport on Thursday around noonish.

Welcome to North America posde! :)

I missed you last summer please come back to the New York area again , i need setup help badly. i have a system that has been sitting around for 5 years. I paid Totallymaxed twice once for Dianemo license and basic setup and again for  Linuxmce  setup but he just took my money and ran.

I'll be in the Baltimore area end of August, and in Quakertown end of July.


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