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Dianemo: what are plans for the future, when will be UIs finished completely ?



as a long time Dianemo user (I think right from the start of Pluto system) and getting more and more dissapointed with Dianemo system.

I'm not sure what is happening with the company, but for quite some time I cannot use Dianemo to efficiently control my house anymore...

We have UI1, newer UIs, HTML5 Orbiter but none covers system completely and they all seem to be in some kind of half working state - the main point is that I cannot access all features of the system using any of them (I could use UI1 on main touch screen to access custom scenarios, then HTML5 Orbiter for audio control, but it seems kind of silly to do so).

Short description of my system :
- i have full blown home automation system using system from Cybrotech on lower (home automation) level. I've written my own integration interface that works perfectly and connects to Dianemo bidirectionally. Beside common devices (lighting, ...), system also integrates heat pump, AIR ventilation, Sauna, whole house music (two channels using Marantz SR 5600), whole house internal phone system (3x Cisco phones with color touchscreens). There are around 400 parameters flowing bidirectionally between higher and lower level of the system.

We have main touchscreen that runs UI1. Why? Because this was one of the first UIs available and concerning access to custom scenarios is the only one allowing access also to HVAC, Media, Phone and Security scenarios and also all floorplans. But for quite some time, control of Audio doesn't work anymore in UI1. It's hard to explain to my family (wife), why audio system cannot be controlled from UI1 (this happend when Dianemo has changed music server).

I've considered newer UIs for touchscreen, but as far as I know, none of them allows access to custom scenarios in Hvac, Media, Phone and Security scenarios. Audio works, but we cannot set blinds up/down, set Sauna on/off, Kids one touch call to grandma, etc... I've even write my own web based GUI to cover most of  defficiencies, but integration of multimedia control is harder.

I've also considered HTML5 Orbiter, but it seems restricted in similar way - not all (better said majority) custom scenarios are accessible and it still seems unfinished also on other features (e.g. audio volume control, video, floorplans other than media, ...).

I'd kindly ask if someone from Dianemo can explain to us, what is happening currently, what are plans for future development and how is Dianemo progressing ?

For now, (as far as I'm concerned) it's only usable for not so many devices and only for certain type (lighting is probably the only one supported properly - by access to custom scenarios and floorplan)...

I'm not sure how many full blown systems are running Dianemo, but I cannot imagine how to setup such whole house system with those restrictions in UIs. Other systems are progressing much and I feel restricted by using Dianemo. Sorry to say this, but it simply feels outdated, specially user interfaces that don't follow common progress anymore...

Hopefully, you're already working on system and all defficiencies are already solved or being worked on.... But please, let us know about it...

Thanks in advance,




it seems that Dianemo is passing away  :'( .

I have to fix things by myself. First, I'll see if I can do something with existing system, then I'll probably switch the home automation system...

I like the idea of lighter systems that could run on RPis. So will probably evaluate those... Currently, OpenHab or Agocontrol seem to be top choice... Any other thoughts, ideas ?

How near is LMCE core running on RPis or going in more light direction ?

Thanks in advance,



merkur2k and phenigma have been running their 24/7 core on a for quite some time now. Way better than running it on an rpi(2).

I myself have setup a couple of rpis for a client as mainly audio-only MDs and lightweight video playback. I've heard rpi2s are better suited most of the time.

I am *very* pleased with my core on the odroid.  You can see the current uptime below and checkout my setup using the wiki link in my signature.

--- Code: ---14:30:02 up 89 days, 19:07,  2 users,  load average: 0.63, 0.82, 0.91
--- End code ---

I'll not hijack/continue this conversation here, but feel free to start a new topic or drop by irc to discuss further.



Posde, Phenigma, thanks for info....

It seems really interesting option. Will start another topic about it...

Thanks ,




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