Author Topic: LMCE­ 1404­ 20150630062­730843 Nvidia Install Reboot Loop  (Read 3782 times)


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LMCE­ 1404­ 20150630062­730843 Nvidia Install Reboot Loop
« on: August 21, 2015, 06:40:33 am »
In observation of rules #1 and #2....

I installed the 14.04 20150630062­730843 snapshot tonight (on standard dual network setup) and everything seemed to work great, until it rebooted for the 2nd/3rd time and attempted to get nvidia drivers.

I'm transcribing from a recording on my phone, so bear with me with typos...

Code: [Select]
* Staring CheckAVWizard check_avwizard
/etc/X11/xorg.conf is missing.  Using video driver 'nvidia' for ....
*Installing nvidia driver this may take a few minutes . /usr/pluto/bin/
* Starting AVWizard

Then it attempts to pull the package, but fails on
Code: [Select]
Err trusty-updates/main dkms all
404 Not round [IP: 80]
Faied to fetch...

It thinks it pulled the nvidia driver and says
Code: [Select]
Nvidia driver installation requires a reboot
Please stand by while your system is rebooted

I let it do this 3 times just to make sure it wasn't a fluke.

Is there an easy way to get it to bypass the nvidia install?  I really could do with a headless install, but am perfectly fine with the generic (non-nvidia) driver for what I'm using this for.


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Re: LMCE­ 1404­ 20150630062­730843 Nvidia Install Reboot Loop
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2015, 10:07:51 am »
Hey ...

iirc 1404 DVD install is not working atm.
Netinstall worked for me without any issues :-)



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Re: LMCE­ 1404­ 20150630062­730843 Nvidia Install Reboot Loop
« Reply #2 on: August 24, 2015, 07:45:55 pm »

This issue occured on various releases.


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Re: LMCE­ 1404­ 20150630062­730843 Nvidia Install Reboot Loop
« Reply #3 on: August 26, 2015, 06:18:41 am »
Mhm, this was all working, but the June DVD is quite old at this point.  I don't think we've pressed a dvd for 1404 for a bit now.  NetInstall is a good option.

The entire installation system is under overhaul and has seen a lot of changes over the last week.  This will continue for... likely another few days to a week before things settle down a little across all the different installation methods.

Thanks again for testing!



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Re: LMCE­ 1404­ 20150630062­730843 Nvidia Install Reboot Loop
« Reply #4 on: August 26, 2015, 06:15:57 pm »
To explain a bit more about what phenigma is doing (phenigma, please correct me, as I will most likely be wrong on small details):

Our install process has been _very_ ad-hoc.

LinuxMCE depends on and utilizes many packages, many of them not only from our own repositories (for the DCE devices, the DCERouter, and the many scripts that frame them), but the many dependencies that each of these devices need in order to function.

Furthermore, many of these dependencies from the Ubuntu side are intended to be configurable, and can potentially be configured in ways that create unnecessary obstacles to LinuxMCE integration, so these things have needed to be pre-seeded in the past, and lots of little tweaks have been needed along the way.

Phenigma is doing some MUCH needed work, to clean this up. It's long, it's grimy, parts of it are freaky, and other parts will invariably cause hair loss, but what will come out of this is literally the ability to do:

Code: [Select]
# apt-get install lmce-core
# apt-get install lmce-hybrid
# apt-get install lmce-disked-md


and have LinuxMCE install itself and its needed dependencies to the point where the next boot then falls into the AV Wizard, and subsequently into a functional LinuxMCE system.

This leads into a refactoring of the whole start-up process, to use systemd. Whether you like it or not, systemd has become the accepted standard for the start-up of system and user services, and it is in our best interest to ensure that LinuxMCE starts and stops itself in a way that can cleanly be expressed in systemd.

As always, if anyone out there can help phenigma in his quest to vastly improve the plumbing of the system (which will ripple all the way up to the user experience), please contact him. This is important work.