Author Topic: MD config, webadmin, selecting video card to Geforce or TNT2, still needed?  (Read 2174 times)


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I hope I don't get knocked out of the forum for this question  ;D

But I havent found anywhere in the post info to clear this bug in my mind.
Here it goes!.  In 1204, Is it still necesary after the MD is created to select at the webadmin if the md's video card is "standard video card" to "Geforce or TNT2", is it still needed?
I follow the rule that if it is working, dont touch it!, but when things start to go wrong, then is the time for testing :)!
If md installation is left alone it will install nvidia drivers, in my case v.304.  If I click on the md and change to geforce, then it prompts on the orbiter that pluto nvidia drivers are downloading.  Which drivers are this?.
In my case it never finish downloading the file and I just delete that md and start all over!, why I did that??? Ill create a new post on that... so.. anyone that could answer??



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Not required, hasn't been for quite some time now.  pluto-nvidia-drivers is a very old obsolete pkg.  The nvidia-current package installs the most recent nvidia driver for the distribution release you are running (this is 304 on 1204).