Author Topic: eibd/knx in 14.04  (Read 1546 times)


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eibd/knx in 14.04
« on: April 27, 2015, 08:03:14 pm »
Not sure if I can mention issues with the latest linuxMCE 14.04 here.  :-[
Can you point me else to the correct place?

I was trying to link my eibd/knx installation, and if I follow the wiki for EBI.
The default interface (template 2195) with lights (template 37) should work out of the box from 10.04 or higher.
But it isn't. :$
The lights aren't responding.

I installed the bcusdk package with apt-get, added the route and started eibd.
And I can control my lights through CLI.
But still not through the GUI.

I then just copy the file /usr/pluto/bin/EIB from the old server to the new server, and restarted LinuxMCE.
And the GUI also works.

Let me know if I can test/do anything else...

Version: linuxMCE 1404, running virtual on ESXi

Orbiters: ASUS eeePAD, Nexus 5, Huwai, web
Automation: EIB technology, KNX IP ROUTER 750
Phones: Cisco 7912-7940-7960
Camera's: Foscam POE