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Hello there,

video streaming sites like watchever, netflix or amazon instant video are getting more important these days. I would really appreciate a better integration of those streaming sites into LinuxMCE without using the web browser.

At the moment I'm using those sites via appletv or via apps integrated into my Panasonic smart tv.

Personally I'm using the classical satellite tv less and less....



We would love to. It mostly boils down to DRM issues in Linux.


I second Thoms observation.  What we need is someone willing to try and integrate some of the existing interfaces.  It would be a big challenge in some respects as most are designed for a mouse environment.  I would love to watch netflix through lmce natively!  :D


Short Answer: NO

Not to be a jerk, but these companies have no interesting in making their viewers available for linux. The best route (for me) was to just create a netflix / amazon scenario and control it like i do PS3 or other external media. Via the orbiter.

Hope this helps


Hello to all,

My two cents on Netflix!.  I Installed Google Chrome and I was able to get Netflix running Perfectly.  I Started a Post not long ago sharing how to do it. Just a few tricks on video acceleration for chrome and nvidia and running as root.
I was able to run it without any issues on a Zotac Zbox I use as MD.

The only thing I don't know how to do is to make LMCE start Chrome instead of Firefox.




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