Author Topic: Howto create a respond to event "A device is turned on or off"  (Read 1319 times)


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Hi all,
My goal is to create a scenario/event in which i press a zwave button and all lights downstairs get turned off.
At first i tried the On-Off based event (see attachment), that didn't work.

Phenigma was kind enough to help and suggested to look at DCERouter.log, to see which event or state gets changed.
Below is the event from DCERouter.log, that gets fired when pressing the button:
Code: [Select]
07 03/13/15 20:57:21.512 Received Message from 367 (Plafond Lamp (Woonkamer) / Woonkamer) to -1001 (unknown / ), type 2 id 81 Event:State Changed, retry none, parameters: <0xb14fbb40>
07 03/13/15 20:57:21.513   Parameter 66(State): 0 <0xb14fbb40>

So i tried the State based event (see attachment), that didn't work either.
Could someone please look at the events i am creating and tell me if i am missing or overlooking something?
Thanks in advance,

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