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Announcing Web Control API for Raspbmc-CEC & Raspsqueeze-CEC


Both Raspbmc-CEC and Raspsqueeze-CEC, our HDMI-CEC compatible products, have been upgraded to support a Restful Web API for CEC Control that makes it simple to interface them to LinuxMCE, Dianemo or any other Home Automation or Smart Home system for control.

This upgrade supports the following CEC control capabilities which are available via the Rest based Web API;

- Supported HDMI-CEC Devices - TV, Recording Devices (ie DVD, BD, PVR Etc), Playback Devices (ie DVD, Blu-Ray Etc), Tuner Devices (ie STB's), Audio System
- Supported Commands Power On/Off, HDMI Input Source, Vol Up/Down, Mute On/Off, Play/Stop/FF/RW/Pause,

Device templates for LinuxMCE can be easily created allowing for control of TV's, AV Amplifiers, PVR's, DVD, Blu-Ray and Sat Boxes that are connected to the same HDMI-CEC bus.

- Example; Turn on the AV Amplifier and select its HDMI input 2
- Example; Select TV HDMI input 1 and Mute the sound.
- Example; Power Off all HDMI devices on the bus.
- Example; Control Blu-Ray Player with Play/Stop/FF/RW/Pause

We expect to add support for more HDMI-CEC devices and additional commands soon.

This update is free to existing customers and is available as part of any new license.

Please contact us for additional information

All the best



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