Author Topic: Announcing RaspSensor-Pi for Dianemo & LinuxMCE  (Read 3213 times)


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Announcing RaspSensor-Pi for Dianemo & LinuxMCE
« on: November 07, 2014, 05:00:30 pm »
The RaspSensor-Pi software for the Raspberry Pi Model B & B+ provides a user friendly Web UI to any 1-Wire sensors you have interfaced to your Raspberry Pi. We also provide a RESTful API to allow you to access data from devices connected to your Raspberry Pi via your 1-wire bus from LinuxMCE, Dianemo or other Home Automation/Smart Home systems. You can have a single Raspberry Pi running Raspsensor-Pi monitoring a 1-wire bus that connects sensors from all over your home or alternatively you could have several Raspberry Pi's located in different parts of your home monitoring a set of local 1-wire sensors for each room.

Each RaspSensor-Pi installation provides a Web page that allows you to quickly configure, setup and view all of the attached sensors in a Web browser. Each RaspSensor-Pi also provides a Rest Web API that allows your Dianemo or LinuxMCE system to get data from the attached sensors.

Sensors you might want access via RaspSensor-Pi;

- In-room Ambient Temperature
- In-room Humidity
- Motion Detection
- Ambient Light level
- Rain Fall Sensor
- Water Leakage Sensor
- Wind speed Sensor
- Wind Direction Sensor
- External Temp & Humidity
- Air Quality
- Solar Radiation Sensor
- UV Level Sensor

The RaspSensor-Pi software is licensed on a per Dianemo NerveCentre or LinuxMCE Core basis and can be installed on as many Raspberry Pi's as needed on any single system for $99.95 USD.

If you have any questions or for pricing info please contact; or PM me here on the forum.

All the best

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