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No media!
« on: March 27, 2007, 10:59:20 pm »
Not only does LinuxMCE not work on 1366x768 LCD TV's it can't find any media...
I've read the wiki Managing your media
And it says it supposed to find NAS units and Windows shares... It does not!

I have a Thecus Roustor 5200 3TB NAS unit wich runs a linux operating system

LinuxMCE does not find it, and I can not find any way to add the shares from it.

I also have a Windows 2003 server sharing pictures, LinuxMCE does not find that share either.

The PC now running LinuxMCE is was running Vista on a 120GB HD (still does dualboot), and it has 2x750GB sata drives as well with media. How do I add those?


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Re: No media!
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2007, 01:26:28 am »
he steps that linuxmce takes to add widows shares to the system goes like this:

- Scans the network to find active samba (windows shares) servers and prompts the use about the detected ones
- If the user choses to use that add that computer as a 'file server' that a device is created (device template 1837) in the database for that computer
- After the 'File Server' device is added it automatically runs the configuration script for that device: "/usr/pluto/bin/ -d <DEVICE ID>" where <DEVICE ID> is the device id of the newly created 'file server' device. You can look for in the web admin interface to see which device id coresopnds to it.
- The configuration script for device template 1837 (File Server) is searching for active shares on that computer and prompts the user to see if he wants to access those shares from LinuxMCE.
- For each share that the user chose to use, a new device is created (Window Share / device template 1768)

Now since the configuration script for device 'File Server' is executed only once, when the device was added, you will need to manually run it once again to detect shares created on the computer after that moment. The correct method would be to use the 'Reconfigure device' checkbox from web admin and do a reload router, but you can also run the configuration file by hand from a console passing the correct device id.

If no file servers where not found on your network (computers/nas running samba) then probably they are running in the external network of your core/hybrid or have a firewall that stops the hybrid to detect them. In both cases you need to manually add the 'File Server' device under the core computer and run the configuration script for it.

You can also check the /var/log/pluto/SambaScanner.log and search for the ip addresses of the computer that should have media on them. I would be interested if it'a a bug in the code so i can fix it.