Author Topic: Monster HD system - install problem - no sound and grey screen?  (Read 3834 times)


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I just finished building my dream myth system:

MSI RX480 Neo2-F Socket 939 Motherboard
Westinghouse 37" 1080p Monitor connected via DVI
AMD Athlon 64 Dual Core FX60 Socket 939 CPU
Kingwin Big Air BA-12 CPU Cooler for AMD FX60 (silent fan)
Dual 7200 400GB SATA drives in RAID1 (hardware) for speed
HD5000 HDTV PCI Card for QAM HD Digital.
Two Hauppauge HDV-1600 dual cable & ATSC Digital tuners for us-cable/us-cable digital HD.
4 Double bearing silent fans
500 watt silent power supply
D-Link Wireless 54MB card
RCA 5.1 Surround Sound system w/SPDIF hookup

I installed Ubuntu 6.10 and ran system update no problem. I installed the LinuxMCE software from a CD I burned off the iso downloaded via bittorrent - no problems. I then ran through the Pluto configuration wizard - no sound even though I select SPDIF as the connection. So I figured it might be a driver issue or an asound.conf issue. So I continued on and rebooted as instructed after the setup finished 30-40 mins later.

On reboot the system comes up to a blank grey screen with the mouse cursor in the middle and that's it.

1. Can anyone point me to a way to get the sound working via SPDIF?
2. What's up with the grey screen?


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Re: Monster HD system - install problem - no sound and grey screen?
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2007, 10:45:01 pm »
a few of us are on yahoo/skype (see announcement on home page) from time to time.  Try to catch us online so we can see what's causing it.  several people have reported it.  in the meantime, have you tried using ui1 instead of ui2?