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Yet another X10 post
« on: August 30, 2012, 01:47:23 am »
I must always remember to start any topic containing X10 with, "X10 is horrible."  With that covered I would like to get some information on a specific part of X10, the wireless side.

I have committed to Zwave as my choice for anything critical because of its features such as poll state, verification of command received etc.  If I add any other lights, thermostats, etc I will be going with Z-wave.

For non-critical systems or systems that can stand alone and do their thing without lmce, such as stand alone motion lights for my entryway and light sensing lights to turn on walkway lights at dusk I have decided to use X10.

For the price once again I am back at the X10 debate over motion detectors.  These units are < $10 each and use RF instead of powerline communication.  I will not have all the error correcting and verification of signal but in the event of motion I would assume the message repeats as long as the PIP detects a presence. 

So, it is very likely that in the next week I will go ahead and buy a handful of these sensors to place around my house.  Their signal will trigger events and commands to my z-wave devices via dcerouter.  What I am still uncertain on is a good RF unit for my core to pick up these signals.  Below is what I have gleamed from forum/wiki and internet searches for X10 wireless.

- CM11 = wired pc interface, goes from pc to wall and does not talk wireless?
- CM15 = wireless interface, does not connect to power lines and only does RF?
- CM17 "firecracker" - serial interface that...  RF only?  there is no template for this although it appears a few people have tinkered with making one.  These units average $5-$10 new on eBay.

For someone determined to be a cheapskate and use these cheap PIP sensors, what controller is recommended?

I made a wiki!  Click here to check out my system.


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Re: Yet another X10 post
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2012, 02:42:13 am »
I have the CM15A which is plug and play and does both power line and rf.