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From source
« on: March 24, 2007, 10:22:59 pm »
I don't know whether LinuxMCE's medium of choice will be this forum or the mailing list (I'm hoping the latter), so please forgive this crosspost:

  First of all, congratulations to all devs involved in this project. I've been a MythTV user for some time now, and to me LinuxMCE looks
like the obvious next step.  I'm downloading the ISO as I compose this email.

 My question is the following: could one install LinuxMCE on top of a working MythTV setup?

 I'm not really concerned with all the media and recorded TV shows as much as I am about the MythTV version being run.  I currently compile
MythTV from SVN monthly, and it contains at least one important homebrew hack.

 If need be, I would be more than happy to compile LinuxMCE (and all its components) from source.  But a few pointers would be nice, such
as build-deps on Ubuntu 6.10, location of repository (svn?), has anyone done this before, etc.

 On a secondary subject, I use MythTV for things other than TV, and I'd be glad on pointers on how to do the same things on LinuxMCE, if
at all possible.  They are:

1) MythGame: This is not much more than a glorified launcher with a dedicated interface, with which I can browse my ROM collection and
launch the emulators (and other native games) accordingly.  It is actually exactly like browsing a media collection, except each file
will be launched by a different player, depending on its type.

2) SoftSqueeze / MythMusic: I use SoftSqueeze mostly to stream internet radios, and MythMusic to play local music.  How does LinuxMCE
fair in the music department?  Can it play internet radio?  Does it have any visualization capabilities?

Thank you,
Adolfo R. Brandes


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Re: From source
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2007, 04:58:27 am »
LMCE has pnp support for squeeze box players.  Just plug one in and it starts to work.  However, it doesn't do internet radio yet, and the Myth integration needs some work.  Compiling it yourself is a big challenge.  I'm still working on streamlining that process.