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Solution for automation of bedroom
« on: April 02, 2012, 01:10:50 pm »
I will build with knx in my house, however, I see that there might be cases where knx is too overkill. I will try to solve everything that is highly automated with knx and find other more simple solutions for those other cases. Take the bedroom for example:

I don't need it to interact with anything else than the user in the bedroom.
What I want to achieve is:

- Wake up - Done by remote, Android device or pushbutton - All lights turn on (window-light only if it's dark outside still)
- Alarm clock and light - set the evening before through Android device - Some of the lights in the room is dimmed up during a long time. Sound is played through the
ceiling speakers.
- Go to bed, wait for good-night signal - Done by remote, Android device or pushbutton - pleated blind goes down, ceiling-lights dim out - only window-light and bed-light is on)
- Good-night - Done by remote, Android device or pushbutton - All lights get switched off, if pleated blind isn't already down, get it down.

I thought I had most of it figured out in a quite cheap way.

- Use a Green-I 2-button switch (I think it's controllable by IR-too)
- Connect ceiling lights to one button, bed-light (maybe desk-light too) to the other button.
- Connect a knx-cb before the Green-I
- Let the evening light be connected to same knx-cb as Green-I. In every room there should be a light-sensor connected before the evening-light too. This doesn't have to be knx.
- For automated dimming control of the lights connected to the Green-I there must also be some kind of IR-blaster.

I've find an IR-blaster, but it's very expensive.
The Green-I doesn't go with 230v dimmable LED-lights. I will build up my home with those.

Possible future solutions:
To use the Nexa LED dimmer that comes later this year. The downside to that is that I need a big space in the flush to fit two devices there.
Then I can control it with the Tellstick net from Telldus. With the nexa I also need a push-button-switch.

The worst part is that the Green I comes really cheap on
So I would want to use that everywhere I can in the house  8)

Anyone have some nice input for me?