Author Topic: Can't connect to samba shares on 10.04  (Read 7350 times)


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Re: Can't connect to samba shares on 10.04
« Reply #15 on: February 19, 2012, 04:04:25 am »
i see user public_mona in the error above...
you arent making things any easier by trying to access stuff from the external network. please try to use the system as it was designed, it was done that way for a reason.
the system also uses nfs, but this is locked down to the internal network so you would need to change that if you wanted to use nfs instead of samba.

I understand that, but the firewall is disabled.  Plus, samba isn't locked down to only the LinuxMCE network, otherwise I wouldn't see the errors I'm seeing.

I concede your point and will try connecting to samba again from inside the LinuxMCE LAN.