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Re: New User Question
« Reply #15 on: January 16, 2012, 07:47:49 am »
at the time of the registration .the site admin asked very tough question but this is very good for the security purpose.Because there are many spammer who always misuse the site.


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Re: New User Question
« Reply #16 on: January 16, 2012, 10:31:01 pm »
I think ceton 4 is an awesome option.   I did contact their customer support regarding use on Linux and this is the reply I got back

 So while I am excited about using the Ceton card with LinuxMCE, it is a bit worry some incase Verizon decides to drop the support.

I have Fios and got the exact opposite response when I asked them this same question.   

First, They told me that a setup box was absolutely necessary.  A regular old tv tuner card wont work.  The ONT that verizon installs on site only converts fiber to coax and/or CAT.  The coax is still carrying an IP signal after the conversion which I guess is different than the cable companys signal over coax.  The verizon setup box and network is an all IP base system.  The stb gets an IP address from your fios router and that's how it gets guide data and the extra digital content which includes video on demand.  I can confirm that much to be true.  The Cable content comes from a IP network that is hidden from the end user.  I guess if you can hack into the ONT you might be able to see it, but they also told me it's an unmanaged device so there isn't really anything to hack.  You'll need to know a little bit about IP networking to configure Lmce and the fios router to work together and give you all the features of both systems.  I ended up putting my fios router in it's own vlan, configured nat and called it a day.  My fios routers only client is the stb and the wireless is turned off, and it's setup as it's own little network hanging out outside my firewall. That was the easiest solution, espeacially considering talking to verizon support about IP networking is like speaking to a brick wall... or maybe a 1 year old, either way you wont get much help there.   The tech guys best help was pointing out where the backup and restore feature was in the router... f'ing idot...

Second, They told me i'd have to use thier PCI card for getting channels on my computer and that none of thier PCI cards is supported in linux.  It support Windows and media center only. 

I suggest reaching out to Verizon tech support.  Tech support can also be a waste of time however.  At least you'll hear yes it will work or no it wont striaght from the source.  I've asked them twice already, but post back or send me a PM if you get a different answer.  I'd love to plug my fios directly into my core.  These people are idiots though, they're just reading scripts, it's very possible you're going to waste $300 on a Ceton card.  Just an example, they told me that my stb couldn't be controlled remotely via IR, that I can only use the IR reciever built into the front of the STB.  So I asked "well, why is there a remote IR port on the back of the box?", they told me to hold, then the ass cames back on the phone and says "that port is for plugging in a remote IR reciever"... WHAT?!?  After I pointed out his contradiction he tells me that they don't sell or offer the IR reciever.  Long story short, they do have and sell the IR reciever but I got mine for free.  Just one of many brain cell killing conversations i've had with verizon tech support. 

Good luck.


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Re: New User Question
« Reply #17 on: January 17, 2012, 05:50:19 pm »
Thanks klovell for that detailed info.  I plan on getting FIOS next month, so will post my results then.