Author Topic: Question about existing security components and LinuxMCE  (Read 6306 times)


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Re: Question about existing security components and LinuxMCE
« Reply #15 on: October 25, 2011, 03:28:44 am »
That's what we need to figure out. When I have time I'm going to open the panel and with a multimeter try to determine how the sensors are wired and operate. It may be 3 conductor [ground, DC power, signal (ON/OFF)] or simpler.

    I work on fire alarm systems, security systems, and other life safety equipment.

Most modern security panels have 8 zones on the main board... usually operating at 12-16vdc.   A typical zone is 2 wires... a common and a return.   Depending on the configuration of the point in software, the point may be normally-open unsupervised OR supervised, OR normally-closed unsupervised OR supervised... Supervision is done with a resistor and offers 3 states NORMAL, OPEN, and SHORT.  A non-supervised only offers 2 states NORMAL and OFF-NORMAL.

Most panels work about the same way when it comes to the zones, with minor differences in the End-Of-Line (EOL) supervision resistor value.

now wasnt that geeky!