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Hi all

I've noticed that with new UI when navigating in media listing all media are listed regardless they are public or private.

With previous UI one could browse only public media and his own ones (if any).

Is there something I am missing?

Generally speaking, I'm reporting in this forum all strange things I happen to find after looking in the forum and in mantis whether they were already reported or not.
Is this procedure correct or should I go directly on mantis to open new issues instead of posting here?

Just to make sure to ease your job ...


you can select public or private with new ui too
on ui2 you have the sort options on the bottom of filebrowser screen
on ui1 you need to press 'options' from filebrowser to go to that screen.

Hi Dan and thanks for your reply

I guess I was unclear when explaining my issue, so I'll make an example.

If I navigate media using an orbiter and a certain user, I can see public media, the specific user's private media but also private media of other users.
In new UI there is an option (as you said) that should allow to see only public or also private media, but in my case it is not working. I mean that if I select/unselect public and/or private anf then presso "Go" nothing happens to media listing, i.e. all media are listed (even those I should not see with my user).

With previous UI I was allowed to browse public media and only MY private media (if any) but surely not other user's private media.

Another issue (but I think it's quite well known) is that when switching from a user to another no password is required, even if every user has his own password defined.

These two issues together make totally useless the distinction between public and private media, at least on my system.

Since the datagrid for media browsing has changed, I guess that maybe something strange has happened into the related mysql tables so that all media are considered "public".

Is my guess correct or is there something else that I'm missing?


It's a bug we'll fix it.  Re; the password, the idea is to add a check box 'require pin to access private media', so if the user wants private media just for organizing, but it doesn't have to be secure, he doesn't have to check the box.

Just an update that may be useful for users that want to temporarily fix situation.

Looking into plutomedia mysql tables I've found how to settle private media visibility.

Making it short, it is enough to perform the following SQL statement:

--- Code: ---UPDATE `File` SET `FK_MediaSubType` = NULL ,
`FK_FileFormat` = NULL ,
`EK_Users_Private` = 'your userID',
`EK_Device` = NULL ,
`psc_id` = NULL ,
`psc_batch` = NULL ,
`psc_user` = NULL ,
`psc_mod` = NOW( ) ,
`psc_restrict` = NULL WHERE `Path` LIKE '/path/to/your/private/media'
AND `EK_Users_Private` IS NULL
--- End code ---

This will set the proper value into EK_Users_Private, making the related media somehow private to the specific user.

This confirms that most probably the last version of UpdateMedia does not set properly the named field (atually it leaves it as NULL), so that all media are considered public.



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