Author Topic: Upgrade from x10 to zwave (EU)  (Read 1659 times)


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Upgrade from x10 to zwave (EU)
« on: April 24, 2011, 06:28:06 pm »
Hi guys,

I am considering to upgrade my existing X10 installation from X10 to Zwave.

Right now I am using these devices to control my lighting:

One load micro module
Two load micro module

Since I have a three cable installation already made, It's pretty straight forward to upgrade.

But I have read the forums, wiki and some other websites and I don't find a correlation for those devices (or most likely, I have a mess in my head).

Would this devices be the correlation?

one load:
two load:

I have a momentary switch connected to the x10 devices right now so I can do local control and LMCE control. Will these devices allow that too? will they allow me to connect the actual momentary switches?

Will the devices resend the zwave signal to other devices in the network?

Thank you in advance!