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Status of Windows Orbiter?


What is the current development status of the Windows version of Orbiter?  Is it active?  What is the current version?  How can I determine the version of what I have currently loaded?

I tried to determine the version myself in the typical way: right-click on the executable and look at the "Version" tab, but the Orbiter.exe file doesn't have embedded version information.

Was also wondering about the Windows Orbiter "text" screen that initially comes up during configuration, and then also comes up (and stays up) while the graphical screen is running.  Is it necessary?

Also, the text in the Windows Orbiter GUI seems to be too large and in the wrong location in a lot of cases, running of the edges of buttons or off the screen.  Is there a way to adjust that on my end?



windows xp orbiter and windows ce orbiter are functional and working.
no major changes were made since long time ago (i guess it's 2 years now).
the text is too large and doesn't fix the buttons on higher resolutions. it's not something that you can change. a easy fix is to lower resolution for winxp orbiter.

to see the version go to advanced options, just click on the pluto logo from lower left.


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