Author Topic: Configuring TDM410p Card  (Read 2141 times)


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Configuring TDM410p Card
« on: December 11, 2010, 08:57:47 pm »
Hello all,

   I am getting ready to setup my TDM410p card. I am trying to put a bunch of sources together and after I am done I plan on making a Wiki page after I get it done. To top it off.... I not used to working with all the extra config files that LMCE throws into the asterisk mix. My TDM card has 2 fxs modules (ports 1 and 2) and 2 fxo modules (ports 3 and 4). Port 3 is a U.S. lingo voip connection via hardware, and Port 4 is going to be a German Analog connection via a wall outlet.

So here is what I can deduce.... I need to apt-get install zaptel. (what about the dahdi) after that I need to configure the /etc/zaptel.conf file. Then switch Asterisk into manual mode via the LMCE admin. Add a dial rule.

This is where I am questioning what I am doing.... okay... actually this is where I am stuck.... I cant get a dialtone on my cisco 7961 ip phone. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Another thing can I have different zones configured for the two different fxo ports?