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Pluto and IPCop
« on: December 15, 2006, 09:00:49 pm »
I am currently researching a couple different home automation options. From what I've seen, Pluto has what I am looking for (though the web page is a little confusing at times). I do have a question though -

Currently, my house is set up with IPCop (a linux based firewall).

I have it set up with 4 different network cards. RED is the internet connection, ORANGE is my two internet facing servers and GREEN is my wired computers. I have the BLUE network configured to be used with my wireless AP, so I can move my laptop around. However, I don't use it that much. So I was thinking about just sticking all the Pluto/home automation stuff on this network. That would keep it seperate from my GREEN network, and still be secure.

I noticed that Pluto requires its own DHCP server. My question is this: Can I plug one network card in a Core computer into my BLUE network and then configure the Core to dish out IPs to the Media Directors and Orbitors? I realize that this would be two DHCP servers on my network, but IPCop is designed to do that. By plugging the Core in behind this device I could effectively give a different range of IPs to the Pluto equipment and theorectically speaking the devices should be none the wiser.

Has any one done anything like this? If so does it work, or do you have any words of wisedom for me before I finish my research?

Thank you.