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Managing Events
« on: November 20, 2006, 10:25:03 am »
Hi all

Currently in Pluto it is possible to manage 2 kind of events:

Timed Events
Triggered Events

while first one are events like "do this on specific date/time " and the second one are events like "when this happens, do that".

I would like to find a way to manage a third kind of event, that is somehow a mix of the actual two types, i.e an event like "when this happens, wait x seconds /minutes and if nothing else happened do that".

Let me explain with a real example.
When I start listening music /watching a movie I've configured Pluto triggered events to do other actions (switch light off, close windows, switch surround on, etc ...).
The same happens when stopping listening/watching. Another events is in charge to switch off surround, switch lights on etc.

This works fine, except for the fact that if you are "zapping" (i.e. browsing throug your media list and trying to find something you like) this triggered events keep on switching on/off all the related devices.

The solution may be something like:

"when stopping listening/watching, wait 30 sec and IF no other media has started THEN switch everything off".

Has anyone already managed to do something like that?