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ZWave Wiki categories
« on: July 20, 2010, 01:04:47 pm »
looking at ZWave Wiki category it was really hard to find some specific device type or list of some sort of ZWave devices, that is why I created ZWave subcategories:

* ZWave controller
* ZWave radiator thermostat
* ZWave remote
* ZWave security
* ZWave sensors
** ZWave humidity sensor
** ZWave light sensor
** ZWave motion sensor
** ZWave temperature sensor
* ZWave switch
* ZWave thermostat
* ZWave wall switch
* ZWave wallplug

So now you can easily find ZWave thermostats just by checking out this category:

If you have better suggestion how ZWave devices should be organized feel free to join in Wiki gardening

Hope you find this helpful, I put around 4 hours to make all of ZWave wiki page more usable, it took much more time that I enticipated because there were lots of devices with little to no info what they are, what they do. That tool a lot of time to research and find them online and add correct info to Wiki.
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