Author Topic: mythtv --> network recorder (core)  (Read 1951 times)


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mythtv --> network recorder (core)
« on: June 03, 2010, 10:13:45 am »
Hi all!

I want to watch the internet stream TV thru Linuxmce-->Mythtv...

Generally in Mythtv dedicated backend, I would need to set a static IP address to one of my NIC's (ex. 10.29.23.XXX) - to the one, that is used "instead" of the supplied set-top-box).

As you see, the IP nember is completely different from our system - so i would need to add another NIC into the core or MD, with mentioned subnet etc... and after that set a "digital recorder" in mythbackend setup to that NIC...

Has someone tried that already? Do you see some difficulties already now - before I (maybe even) break my working setup?

Thanks, bye
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