Author Topic: Can Someone Confirm their Degree of Success with ZWave or Insteon Thermostats?  (Read 1940 times)


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I would like to find out the degree to which either ZWave or Insteon thermostats are working for you (pun intended).  There are signs of workingness on the wiki and in the forums for two thermostats, but no conclusive reporting about how well they work.

Wayne Dalton Z-Wave
The most activity is on this thread:
Wiki is Here but not updated since before the above thread:

Outstanding Questions:
With Hari's latest driver, does pressing a button on the thermostat update the orbiters?
Is fahrenheit working?  (I use celsius, but it seemed to be a big deal for my American neighbors.)

Venstar T1800 with Insteon Module
Ddamron lists using this T'stat

Outstanding Question:
Does full two-way communication between LinuxMCE and this Venstar t'stat work?

Reports of any real-world experiences are much appreciated.