Author Topic: Roku Soundbridge - slimserver - mediatomb - some problems.  (Read 2411 times)


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Roku Soundbridge - slimserver - mediatomb - some problems.
« on: June 16, 2010, 03:04:16 am »
today i connected my Roku Soundbridge to my lmce network.
It was recognized, slimserver plugin was installed, it was automatically included under AV Devices (webadmin), controlled by Slim Server Streammer ... pretty fine.
The only work was starting Connection Wizard and setting audio pipes.
After then i created a media scenario for it (Soundbridge), and after regen & reload, selecting Media -> Soundbridge, it selects the right amplifier input and plays.
But, i found some problems:
1) under A/V Properties, i'm not being able to insert the IR codes for this Roku, so it turns off when i select OFF.
2) when trying to use this Roku to browse core audio files, first it came up with a message to update software from dcerouter, next, it went from version 1 to 33, and came up with the message it was updated and lost connection to dcerouter, rebooted and came up with the same update message.
3) selecting mediatomb as source for files, some files showed, but could not play any of them.
Any hints about the 3 problems?
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