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recommendation? (i.e. stripped-out version/alternative)

Help Wanted / Noob-Glorified TV/DVD/Internet player (LinuxMCE overkill?)
« on: February 27, 2013, 02:41:04 pm »
Have wondered about this for a while, Idea (from old parts?)
Basically, build a stand-alone PC just for playing DVDs, watching TV (analog cable) and streaming internet (on-line news - MSNBC, Al Jazeera, BBC, etc. and music -, etc.) possibly for backing up DVD... a DVD player/recorder with TV and internet... no remote control needed, can do that with a wireless mouse/keyboard (via USB?), monitor will be used flat screen TV (about 26", w/ Ant, SVGA and/or HDMI, etc. inputs... haven't picked one out yet)
As far as I understand, LinuxMCE is based on Unbutu/Kunbutu; I don't need any other features such as wordprocessing, e-mail, etc.
I have two PC carcasses, perhaps one would be useful.
1) MoBo Mercury-PC Kobian 694TSFX - PIII Celeron 1200, 2GB SDRAM, Via VT82C694T chipset, 1 each 4xAGP (currently with 128MB Radeon 9250 Pro SEC) and 4 32-bit PCI slots (one currently with generic RTL8139 NIC), on-board audio (AC 97)
2) NEC PowerMate4 VL (Galileo4 N4-IBFGL v1.6) - P4 2.4G, 1GB RAM (max), on-board Intel 845GV Chipset, intergrated Intel 82845C graphics, 3 each 32-bit PCI slots, integrated Sigmatel STAC9750T audio... PCI video would probably be necessary.
I also have a box of TV tuner cards: PixelView PV-BT878P+ (4e), Zoltrix VP-8482 (Bt848KPF), Typhoon/Anubis EasyLite TV 7134 (Phillips SAA7134HL) Creatix CTX917 DVB/TV/FM, Creatix CTX946 DVB/-T HWMPEG2,  Medion TV-Tuner7134 (CTX909 and CTX908).
Is all of this destined for the bone yard or worth trying a setup like this? (I can pick up a few odds and ends to get this to work)...
also, is LinuxMCE overkill for this?

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