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Users / Re: Questions about LinuxMCE for my future automated home
« on: January 16, 2011, 10:25:19 am »
Thank you for all suggestions :)

I have in mind to buy a little hardware to try the system out.

  • Kinco cpu with in/outputs
  • some different sensors
  • wall-switches (I guess best to wire to the dig.inp. of plc would be retractable ones)
  • An hmi
  • An Android A/Epad

Do you think a Macbook running with LinuxMCE running in Boot camp will be sufficient as a Core?


Users / Questions about LinuxMCE for my future automated home
« on: January 15, 2011, 07:44:24 am »
In the future (1,5-2 years) I will build a house and looking to use LinuxMCE as the core to my home automation system, which will also consist of An ethernet network, a plc-system (Kinco, and all the sensors (temp, prescence, inductive, smoke, humidity, twilight, etc.) and appliances (garage door motor, blind motor, shutters, led dimmers, etc.) and of course a sound system with multi-zone amplifier and built in ceiling/wall speakers..

I am new to all this and may come with some dumb questions, but I'm trying to learn ;)

I wondering about the Media Directors - Do I need them if I have LCD-tv's with ethernet-port and DLNA?

It would be nice to skip them out in some way (having the tv as the only unit).. But if they're necessary anyway I guess there's some nice way to mount them on the back of the tv, right? :)

A few more questions - Does anyone know if this HMI, , have support to run touch orbiter? (Maybe if it can have WindowsCE installed?) I have a price of around 150 USD for them, so it would be great :D

Will 4,2" be too small to use touch orbiter?


Feature requests & roadmap / Re: Control PLC with LinuxMCE?
« on: November 02, 2010, 12:19:53 pm »
OK :)

I really think that a standard like the KNX is a good thing and if money wasn't a big issue when being young and wanting to build a house close to a big city in Sweden I would definitely go for that system.

But such as it is now I find a plc system closer to my budget - and - in fact I really like that kind of programming it involves.

C++ you say. Many years ago I started learning a little C++, but that was only a scratch on the surface.. However I'm willing to dig into it and learn - I have many times thought of doing so, since it's a handy language to know.

Are there any instructions on the wiki of how to add an own device through c++ coding?
Are there any templates I can make use of?


Users / Re: MCE and PLC
« on: November 01, 2010, 07:08:04 pm »

I am very interested in the progress for communication between PLC-systems and MCE too.

Were there a driver written?
I think that opc seems like the best protocol for this


Feature requests & roadmap / Re: Control PLC with LinuxMCE?
« on: November 01, 2010, 06:53:07 pm »
Oh, now I see what you mean :)

It's an industry plc-system I'm thinking on using. It would cost me around 7 Euro/channel. Cable should be able to come down to 20 Cent/m.

I will save a lot of money using that instead of Knx. In this I neither need the use of specific room controllers, since I will connect normal self-retracting light-switches to DI. And it has it's own CPU-unit, so it works independent of the pc in case of power-down.

So how can I make this communicate with the LinuxMCE best way possible?

Is it by adding it as a GSD-device? Or is there a better way maybe?

Thank you!

Feature requests & roadmap / Re: Control PLC with LinuxMCE?
« on: October 30, 2010, 12:10:20 am »
Isnt plc-systems like Automation direct also running without a pc?
I thought so. But I'm new to all this, so feel free to correct me :)

Anyway, thanks for the input :)

Feature requests & roadmap / Control PLC with LinuxMCE?
« on: October 29, 2010, 09:38:59 pm »
Hi all!

I read in an old thread about this and wonder if there's been a plugin written for this.

Since I am in housebuilding-thoughts and like the idea of controlling my home in every way possible, and also to keep the costs for it down, I tend to draw to the PLC direction. Logic-diagrams is nothing new to me, but I have never programmed a plc myself, however, I intend to learn how to :)

As I've heard there are plc-systems with which it is possible to control almost everything in a household - and to a much lower price than other systems such as eib / knx, lcn etc.

One pointed me to linuxMCE as the perfect platform to control your house with - and that's why I'm here! :)

Does anyone know if there is a price-worth plc-system with dimmer-outputs, web-integration among other things that it's possible to control through linuxMCE?

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