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Hi there. I can answer this one. First, I apologize for not including the Sony IP remote package in the repositories :-[ I added them now. Please do a software update and then reload the router so the device starts.

Then, to register with the BluRay as a remote, put the BluRay in registration mode, then, in the devices tree of the admin website, select the BluRay player device you added, on its page click the "Send Command" link at the top, and then send the "Register" command. The BluRay player should then confirm the registration and everything else should work.


Thanks for the reply.  Unfortunately that didn't work.  I did everything step by step, I tried removing and re-adding the device, I tried entering the IP and Mac address, but it wont work.  My player isn't finding a media remote after I start registration.  Here is the Logs.

Code: [Select]
========== NEW LOG SECTION ==========
1 09/10/12 21:27:20 69 (spawning-device) Starting... 1
1 09/10/12 21:27:20 69 (spawning-device) Found /usr/pluto/bin/Sony_IP_Remote
2012-09-10 21:27:21.317250561-04:00 Init
2012-09-10 21:27:21.839816520-04:00 ConnectDevice: Connecting device. Connection type: none
2012-09-10 21:27:21.854497965-04:00 ConnectDevice: No device to connect to
2012-09-10 21:27:21.962911905-04:00 Main Loop
2012-09-10 21:27:53.541227426-04:00 Data available: 11
2012-09-10 21:27:53.547988982-04:00 Processing fd 11
2012-09-10 21:27:53.555505027-04:00 fd 11: command: Framework_ReadFromDCE
2012-09-10 21:27:53.563161273-04:00 Framework_ReadFromDCE
2012-09-10 21:27:53.579123132-04:00 Calling function for DCE command 983 with parms
2012-09-10 21:27:53.596521127-04:00 Sending DCE command: reply txt OK
2012-09-10 21:27:53.619649667-04:00 Sending out delayed DCE messages
2012-09-10 21:28:31.089626002-04:00 Data available: 11
2012-09-10 21:28:31.092564595-04:00 Processing fd 11
2012-09-10 21:28:31.095301146-04:00 fd 11: command: Framework_ReadFromDCE
2012-09-10 21:28:31.098180938-04:00 Framework_ReadFromDCE
2012-09-10 21:28:31.104528129-04:00 Calling function for DCE command 983 with parms
2012-09-10 21:28:31.115030927-04:00 Sending out delayed DCE messages

We have added support for Sony IP controllable TV's & BluRay Players. The Sony BDP-S370 BluRay Player and the Sony KDL-32EX723 Internet connected TV have been used for testing but we expect that all other current Sony internet connected BluRay players & TV's should also work.

- Sony IP Controllable BluRay Player Template is #2020
- Sony IP Controllable TV Template is #2021

As usual please follow the procedure outlined on the Dianemo S wiki page to update your system with these and any other updates.

All the best


Hello Andrew,

After seeing this post I went out any got a Sony IP controllable bluray player.  I have the device template added but it wont control my player.  I'm assuming it's because you have to register IP remote controls with the player.  Can you tell me how to register Dianemo as a remote control?  

I saw the register command, I set my player to register a remote then click test for the register command but nothing happens.  Any tips would be appreciated.


Users / Re: Cloud intergration
« on: July 09, 2012, 02:51:29 am »

Will any of the following packages conflict with anything that LinuxMCE is running??:

   apache2 php5 php5-json php-xml php-mbstring php5-zip php5-gd


   php5-sqlite curl libcurl3 libcurl3-dev php5-curl php-pdo

The first are packages required by Owncloud. The second are recommended packages.

Create a phpinfo.php page  to see if LinuxMCE already meets the minimum requirements.  I ran it on my Dianemo system and it looks like it's already capable of accepting owncloud.  If linux MYSQL is like windows mysql (I can't see why it would be different), I don't see why the 2 db's couldn't co-exist.  When using mysql you can pick the name and path of the db during initial setup.  As I said before though, I would use SQlite for testing just so I don't break MCE.

Code: [Select]

// Show all information, defaults to INFO_ALL


I'm willing to help i'm just not going to blow away my system to do it so my help will be limited.  From configuring this and using it for some time i've already identified a few caveats and workarounds that will have to be addressed when integration time comes.  I don't think they're huge issues since who ever does the integration would be touching these areas of oc anyway.  For example, the web interface pulls in hidden files, so to reduce clutter you'll want to apply filters when the site scans the data folder.  From what I gather that should be pretty easy for anyone who knows php. 

Let me know if you have any questions about OC and how i'm using it.  Send me a PM, i'm not on the forums much but I get emails when people PM me.

Users / Re: Cloud intergration
« on: July 07, 2012, 07:36:13 am »
Seriously, are none of you listening to what I'm saying?



Hey man I understand what you're saying.  You need to know OC and MCE in order to integrate them.  I just provided a way to test OC so you can integrate. 

Like I said, I already have this running.  It works awesome for me. If I had to create a Pros and Cons list for MCE, the fact that all the systems that make MCE is on one box and is almost impossible to seperate will be number one on my CON list.  It's not a dig at MCE, I 100 million percent understand why all the systems are balled into one appliance but I can afford mutiple server, I couldn't care less about the electric bill, and I'm used to managing multiple servers in an environment.  In my setup Owncloud, MCE, and my nas are on seperate boxes and I wouldn't have it any other way.  If it's a band aid, so be it.  I can take down MCE for a day or two with out losing cloud access and vise versa.  For that matter my nas is clustered so I can even take down the nas with out affecting MCE or the Cloud.

However, in keeping with the nature of MCE and the way the vast majority of you use it, owncloud seems like a perfect addidion to the family.  I'm mearly making a suggestion here, I could have kept it to myself but I really think it would be a great asset to MCE.  You couldn't possible expect me to dissmantle whats working for me to help build something I wont use. 

Users / Re: Cloud intergration
« on: July 07, 2012, 07:04:36 am »
Off-topic, but I just want to know if the censored word in your image is "porn" or "sperm"

HAHA, It's the name of my financial institution, but let's go with porn.  ;D

Users / Re: Cloud intergration
« on: July 07, 2012, 06:51:24 am »
It would be very easy to use Owncloud alongside MCE but I think it should be integrated.  If you want to test it I would suggest using SQLlite vs mysql for Owncloud.  This way you’re not playing around with the MCE database and incase MCE doesn’t use 5.x which is the minimum version required you’re covered.    Also, I’m not sure about the new version of Owncloud but the second to last release has a bug where if you manually add files and folders to the user data folder without using owncloud it caused problems displaying data on the web.  SQLite doesn’t have that problem.

Get Sqlite on your core.

Extract owncloud to the www dir, set the permissions as per the owncloud website.

When you access the site for the first time select SQlite and use the same MCE user folders as the data folder.  This is where symlinks come in.  From my understanding of MCE, you’ll have to create a “oc-data” folder (literally just made that name up, call it whatever you want), in that folder you’ll see all the folders for your MCE users.  You’ll have to use the names folders and not the user_1 folder.

When you create your owncloud users make sure the names are exactly the same as MCE users.   Both MCE and owncloud name the users data folders the same so it’s easy to trick both systems to use the same folder.  Owncloud doesn’t “manage” the data the way MCE does so you shouldn’t run into corruption issues (I haven’t).

Do yourself a favor, don't be cheap, spend the $69 per year and get an SSL cert.  If that's a bank breaker you probably shouldn't be worried about home automation anyway. 

Users / Re: Cloud intergration
« on: July 07, 2012, 06:46:06 am »
For this entire post MCE refers to LinuxMCE/Dianemo.

I guess you can integrate Owncloud however you want but I had a different idea in mind.  Since MCE provides all users with a “stomping ground” for all types of data for use inside the house and Owncloud provides users with a “stomping ground” for all types of data remotely, to me it made sense to combine the two.  The other day I was at the playground with my son and he was being extra cute so I started to record him with my phone.  My phone automatically uploaded the video to owncloud while I was recording it.  I then used my droid orbiter to play the video for my wife on the living room TV while I was still at the playground.  I don’t care who you are that right there is cool shit.  When I download music from google play to my phone it’s automatically, in real time, available for me to play in any room of my house.   

To add more to this I also use subsonic, Another application that should be integrated into MCE.  100% doable, and there is an app in owncloud for subsonic so you can use subsonic from owncloud.  Basically any movie (have to donate to stream video) or song I can play in MCE I can stream to my phone or to any pc (inside or outside the house).  That’s the type of integration I’m talking about. 
MCE allows you to interact with multiple systems in the home from one location (any orbiter).  Owncloud wraps up all your web services into one package.  The attached screen shot is what our owncloud looks like.  Between owncloud and subsonic I can’t tell you enough how well it completes my system.  I love my system and I personally like that it’s on a separate physical box than MCE so I can take down one without affecting the other.  For these reasons I personally wouldn’t use it on MCE even if it was integrated so I have no way to help dev or test.  Not to be a jerk but I don’t need it integrated into MCE but I’m confident that you all will want it integrated into MCE.  I really hope someone can grab this and run with it, trust me guys, MCE needs this! 

Users / Cloud intergration
« on: July 06, 2012, 11:07:13 pm »

First, this is a real post, I’m NOT a bot!  Although that's exactly what a bot would say...

I did a very quick search and nothing came up so I'm posting.  I'm just sharing a open source software that I just come across that you all will LOVE! Owncloud!! I have it running in a VM and as a linuxMCE/Dianemo user this would make a perfect integration into LinuxMCE or Dianemo.  It's probably something that should make it onto a feature list for a future release.  LinuxMCE and Dianemo both already (as far as I know) have all the minimum requirements to run it so just download, extract it to the www folder and configure it.  In theory it should live and integrate just fine into LinuxMCE/Dianemo.  To really make it sexy, you should modify the code of Owncloud or MCE so they use the same data structure.  As a user of both systems I don't see why you couldn't just use symlinks for the OWNcloud data directory to get the job done.  Also since both systems will be using the same database and owncloud is PHP based it should be really easy to intergrate the user setup process into MCE (providing you know PHP... I couldn't do it).

I'm not looking for help implementing this, I already have a rock solid stable owncloud system and I'm not going to mess with it.  I've been using it for a few months now and from day one I thought this would be an awesome addition to MCE, Every day I believe more and more that this as feature you all absolutely will want!!

Once you check out the feature list and/or take owncloud for a spin I know you'll love it and agree so have fun.  Google owncloud for more information.  I do not work for or represent owncloud. I use it, I use linuxMCE and Dianemo, and I see an untapped potential.

Users / Re: How much HD space do I need for Core + MDs?
« on: February 06, 2012, 08:13:47 pm »
Ah crap.  I just noticed the kernel in 10.04 is 2.6.32-35.  There's no TRIM support in that version. TRIM hit mainline Linux in 2.6.33.  I guess I'll be using the SSD in my desktop!!!  

Thanks for posting. I meant to check this BEFORE getting the SSD, but I completely forgot.

If speed and reliability is what you're after a hardware raid 5 is a great solution.  Considering all the other tasks the core has to do I wouldn't go software raid unless you're using powerful/server grade hardware.  Leave managing the raid up to the raid controller.  For what you're willing to pay for a 80gb ssd, considering you're buying a quality ssd from a quality supplier, you can get a lower end raid controller and 3 small hard drives for maybe $100 more.  I havn't looked at ssd prices in a while but when I bought mine they were pretty expensive, and hard drive prices are on the rise.  I'm just giving you another option to look at.   

Users / Re: Improving network proformance
« on: January 20, 2012, 09:18:41 pm »
Here's a dirty picture of the network lay out.

I've recently changed it to

I moved to the second image to see if eth0 was the problem due to the amount of dropped packets.
My nest test I'm removing the wireless router completely. I don't think its the problem but.for through testing.

Just curious, In the first diagram did you have the external and internal nics connected to the GB switch or was the internal nic for Lmce left unused or not even installed?

Does anyone know if the firewall in linuxmce will cause the dropped packets amount reported using ifconfig to go up as it drops undefined connection attempts?  I'm guessing no but i've never used the lmce firewall.  Either way you need to figure out why your dropped packets count is so high.  Have you tried swapping the nics on the core?  I think someone suggested that earlier.  Are you conducting these test from the wireless or the PC?  Have you tried using different ports on the switch?  You never indicated the make, model or condition of your switch but i've seen a similair situation before and it turned out to be a bad port on the switch. 

Users / Re: Improving network proformance
« on: January 20, 2012, 06:17:06 pm »
I'm not using my lmce box as a router at the moment. So my eth0 is both WAN and LAN for now. Ill do a reboot and do some more tests this weekend when I have the time.
As for the actual lay out of the etwork . My cable modem feeds my wireless router that has DD-wrt on it so I can do reserved dhcp leases to an VMware esxi server easier than static IPs. This is also so when I have friends over they. Have internet without access to my media. If once supports reserved dhcp ill be glad to make some changes.

I'm pretty sure the lease time in LMCE is such that the IP addresses to clients don't change.  I'm very certain I read that some where... maybe Thom said it.. don't quote me on who said it.

It would be great if you had a drawing of your network.  I'd like to think you can set this up a little more straight forward and efficient than it is, at least based on what it sounds like you're doing.  DD-WRT supports virtual ssids and vlans so right there you have a better network design that adheres to the supported LMCE network configuration.

Users / Re: General NAS Questions
« on: January 20, 2012, 02:43:59 am »
Thom, very interesting to know that this is feasible. Klovell, I hear what your are saying about the on/off cycling and the boot time. I guess it depends upon frequency of use. We sometimes go a week or more without watching a movie on LMCE so cycling would not be a terrible problem for us. Leaving the freenas box on 24/7 would increase my automation system energy use by over 50%

LMCE box - 70 watts (idle)
Network equipment - 18 watts
Synology NAS - 17 watts (idle)
FreeNAS box - 53 watts (idle)

As for boot time, I came up with an idea that might make this more bearable, or even fun. When "video" is selected, the NAS boot sequence would be initiated. During the boot interval, a "short" would begin to play. Cartoons, Three Stooges, SNL digital shorts, etc. could be stored on the LMCE machine and picked at random. Hmmm.

A different energy-efficient use for the FreeNAS box might be to install two drives (non-raid), and have it boot once per week to rsync from NAS drive A to NAS drive B, then rsync from LMCE to NAS drive A. That would give me the latest and next-to-latest backups of my LMCE setup (a little like Apple's time machine).

I love the short Idea.  Put the selected video in a cue to play after the short... Very interesting.  That would look cool as hell if you have an actual theater also. 

I'm probably the only one that doesn't monitor or care to monitor my power consumption... sorry mother nature.  To help with the boot times look into putting Freenas to sleep vs shutting it down.  I can't say if it's supported out the box but I'm sure you can add power management.  Also, in case you haven't noticed, in Freenas there is an option to spin down the drives.  I don't use it nor have I in the past but if you're going to power off the box anyway it might be an option for you.  Depending on your motherboard the drives are probably your biggest power draw so that would be a nice balance between power consumption vs availability.  Just throwing out ideas incase you're interested...

Users / Re: General NAS Questions
« on: January 19, 2012, 02:59:38 pm »
(there is actually a fourth option with 2 discrete wireless networks, where you would choose between the 2 when you log on to WiFi - this can have some major benefits and ease of use for the rest of the household and guests)


Make sure the two AP's are not physically next to each other in the house and that they're on different channels, especially if they're of the same make.

Also, In regards to powering off the nas every time it's not in use.  Have you considered the additional wear and tear you'll be subjecting the drives to by powering them on and off over and over again?  I just started using freenas a couple months ago but if it's like any other server it's not really intended to be powered off on regular intervals.  also, it could just be because of the amount of space/drives I have, but waiting for that thing to boot just to watch a movie or listen to music will likely get old very quickly.  Not trying to talk you out of it or rain on your parade but those were my initial concerns after I read your post.

Users / Re: Improving network proformance
« on: January 19, 2012, 12:09:36 am »
After re-reading the OP, is it possible you're talking about internet speeds?  That kind of makes sense to me if you're will to accept 10mbs when you're using gigabit gear.

Users / Re: Improving network proformance
« on: January 19, 2012, 12:03:35 am »
Thank you all for your posts. I'm not in front of my network at the moment so the testing and tweeking will have to wait.

I thought that I had mention in my original post that I have had 10Mb second transfers on the exact setup in the past(3 days ago) only difference between those speeds and now is the install of linuxmce. So I believe its safe to say its not a hardware problem. 

I noticed the comment about 10mbs transfer speed but I ignored it. 

Here's the deal 10 mbs is far from acceptable from what you have described thus far.  For example, my old network setup was all gigabit, but I was using cat5e cabling and a dinky little $55 8 port unmanaged dlink switch.  I would see 200-250mbs transfer speed from client to client, from Nas to client it was around 300-350mbs.  It really didn't matter to much what I was coping but how I copied it made the world of difference.  Now I have a $400 48 port power connect and I upgraded the cabling to cat6 (which doesn't actually offer much improve over cat5e but why not use it anyway?), I am maxing out my gigabit connections from client to client and nas to client.  Again how I copy the files make the difference but either way I've never notice less than half the pipe filled.  Except for rsync, which I'm sure is by design, but even rsync is using 200mbs to backup my nas.  I'm not even using any advance features of the managed switch like lagg groups, jumbo frames, class of service, etc.  So lets say you're using a cheaper consumer grade switch you still wasn't where you should have been before linuxmce.  I'm not saying it's absolutely a hardware issue but I don't think you've provided sufficient proof to rule it out.   

My questions and every other question and test suggested before mine needs to addressed before any useful, efficient troubleshooting can be done.

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