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Feature requests & roadmap / Re: Use Google Contacts
« on: November 15, 2009, 10:20:54 pm »
What about looking at integrating an existing open-source project to handle contacts and syncing, like one of the groupware projects?  That could allow LinuxMCE to leverage work and technology that is constantly being developed for that purpose, and LinuxMCE would only need to be concerned with the integration.  I started a thread about Calendar/Groupware integration.

Hope that helps!


Feature requests & roadmap / Calendar/Groupware Integration
« on: November 15, 2009, 10:16:51 pm »
Hi Folks!

I'd like to suggest Calendar and groupware integration as a Feature to round out LinuxMCE's feature set.  Integrating groupware like Zarafa, Zimbra,, php/egroupware, or another similar groupware package to leverage it's calendar, tasks, contacts and integrate that functionality into LinuxMCE.  Plus, you could leverage a mobile sync solution like zpush (Open-Source ActiveSync implentation) or Funambol (SyncML), would allow for the integration of mobile devices with the same datastore as in LinuxMCE (and vice-versa).  The idea would be that calendaring/task/contact and sync functionality would be handled by their respective projects, and LinuxMCE would wrap it's functionality much like MythTV or Xine, either with wrappers or API calls.

Usage cases:

You wakeup to an LinuxMCE alarm.  The system reads you your daily appointments as you get ready in the morning.

Your mobile device is synced against the DataStore shared with LinuxMCE. Contacts you have just added to your mobile device are now available to the Asterisk Telephony system.  Birthdays listed in your contact's information are announced a predefined period of time in advance.

LinuxMCE's behaviour is modified by categories or keywords found in your calendar.  For example, you set an earlier wakeup time in your calendar due to attending a seminar, so LinuxMCE automatically starts your morning wake-up routine at the earlier time, rather than at the regularly scheduled time.  You have a party at home, so LinuxMCE automatically engages entertaining mode.

Hopefully this is some food for thought...


Just to add to the list of people with a black screen on Internet install.

My install went ok till the point where it tried to "install" pluto-orbiter (packages were already installed).  I end up with the same black screen on the core with white mouse pointer.
 F7 doesn't do anything.  Core appears fully functional otherwise, but I wouldn't trust it as being properly installed. I'm not sweating it at this point, as I'm just kicking the tires right now, and plan to burn it down and rebuild later as I'm sure I'll be making lots of mistakes as I poke around under the hood.

Host: Debian Sid/Squeeze  Kernel 2.6.30-1-686-bigmem via KVM, AMD64 processor
Guest: KVM VM, default Cirrus Logic virtual graphics adapter, Kubuntu 8.10 install from CD, LinuxMCE install via Internet.

Installed via instructions here:  problems occurred at the step ./  I didn't get the actual output, but it basically kept trying to install the pluto-orbiter package every 30 seconds.

Hope that helps!


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