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Users / Re: thezfunk LinuxMCE Project build
« on: October 31, 2009, 12:16:45 am »
Hmm. I followed this, and changed the root pw, but this isn't reflected on the MD. Do I need to 'rebuild  image' on the admin site?

I had a similar issue on my Zotac 330 Ion.  I couldn't use sudo on the MD because sambahelper told me I had the wrong password.  To get around this I had to set an actual root password for the MD. 

When you log into the MD your prompt should tell you what moon# the MD is... remember the number.

On the core/hybrid you need to open a terminal in KDE or press Ctrl-Alt-F1 to get tty1.  Login with your username and password.  Then to become superuser type:

Code: [Select]
$ sudo su -
and enter your password.  Change directory to /usr/pluto/diskless and chroot into the MDs structure.  Once you have done this you can change the root password for the MD with the passwd command.

Code: [Select]
# cd /usr/pluto/diskless
# chroot XX   <-- replace XX with the moon number (device number) of your MD.
# passwd
Enter new UNIX password:

Enter the root password for the MD and then exit the chroot environment and give up superuser by typing 'exit' twice.

Code: [Select]
# exit
# exit

Now you can login as root on the MD with the password that you just set and you will be able to edit your xorg.conf file.


Installation issues / black screen with cursor after avwizard
« on: October 30, 2009, 06:23:44 pm »
hi there - I just installed fresh 810 from the dvd, rebooted and went through the avwizard. Avwizard finished, and it hasn't done anything since then - just sitting there with a black screen and white arrow cursor, but nothing else going on. I can access web admin page, but there are "no users in database", so clearly it's not properly configured.

What do I do? just hard reboot? reboot from shell?
continually stymied,

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