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Installation issues / Beta 0810 and nvidia drivers
« on: October 25, 2009, 08:37:47 pm »
So I had 710 running flawlessly on an asus M3n78-EM (nvidia GeForce 8300 using driver 185.18.36) with alpha 2 and all that jazz.

8.10... not so much. Opening the restricted drivers from taskbar icon typically locks the system... nvidia 170, 185 and 190 exist.

1.9 WILL bring KDE up... however linuxmce will not load X for wizard.

Briefly, this is what I have done.


Installed kubuntu with last option "Linuxmce install"
Checked for updates
Installed updates (NOT upgrade) 14 exist.
ran nvidia-xconfig

This boots to KDE in higher res using native detected 190.35 drivers. AVWizard will not load.

Clean install, same as before, but no nvidia-xconfig
AVWizard boots and loads MCE in plain UI.

Run nvidia-xconfig, and no dice. Revert.

Manually loaded 185 restricted driver. Will not start x.
Manually loaded 190. Will not start x.

Used envyng to auto-configure nvidia/x

Will load kde login manager but on login breaks and reboots login mgr.

I would love to make this hardware work in 8.10, but if I need to move on, I will take suggestions as well. Thanks in advance.

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