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Installation issues / Trouble showing media - First Time User
« on: October 07, 2008, 11:06:28 pm »
I recently set up a system using

Nforce 620i Mobo
Nvidia 6200TC
1GB Ram
Realtek Ethernet Card
Sata DVD Drives
SATA II 750 GB samsung drive containing all my videos and music etc
SATA II 320 GB WD drive empty
IDE 80GB Drive which i used for the OS.

All the hard drives are formatted to EXT 3

At the moment all i actually want to use this for is to play my media back on my livingroom tv and share all the files on my network however LinuxMCE doesnt show up any of the files from the hard drive. How can i get LinuxMCE to show all my media from the samsung drive?

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