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Users / Re: Ripping problem
« on: November 23, 2008, 12:00:41 am »
Ah-huh. Sure.

Oh, whoever's in charge of the site might want to update the "bugs" link on the front page. I'm not sure what it's aimed at, but it's not trac. :)

Users / Ripping problem
« on: November 22, 2008, 05:12:20 pm »
So I get this odd error when I try and rip music to a "private" folder. The music is stored in the database, which seems fine, but when I try and play it I get an error something like this:

/home/public/data/other/Software Raid 5 [32]/public/data/other/Software Raid 5 [32]/public/data/other/Software Raid 5 [32]/public/data/other/Software Raid 5 [32]/public/data/other/Software Raid 5 [32]/public/data/other/Software Raid 5 [32]/public/data/oth/Track 1.ogg not found

"/home/public/data/Software Raid 5 [32]"  is a soft link pointing to "/mnt/device/32"

This is frustrating, as you can imagine. Any hints as to what might be causing this?

Ok since this is marginally related...

I'm looking at a nice Intel atom board with a realtek sound chip. It has that "jack detect" stuff to let it do 5.1 sound or something to that effect. Now, I haven't been able to find any information about this so, what's the reliability of the realtek drivers for this feature in LinuxMCE?

Yeah, I think I'll buy an atom-based board and keep this one aside as a low-power desktop machine instead. Kubuntu 8 workes on it absolutely fine, which is really... frustrating. :)

Thanks for the help, guys.

Ok so... I don't know what I did, but it seems to be half working now. This time I'm getting an error that says "failed to setup X".

Well, poop. :( I guess I'll have to shell out the extra for a new motherboard.

Ok so maybe the fiire station has an epia board in it or something, I don't know, but this is frustrating the hell out of me right now. I tried netboot, got the error, and checked in the device manager to see this "fiire station" thing listed where I thought I'd see "generic pc as md" or something similar. It fails every time it tries to detect, with the same error.

At one point I got so frustrated I sat and watched the files it was creating for the network image. It went fine for a while, made an "ubuntu" directory and started populating it. Then at the last moment it deleted all that and created a virtually empty "debian" directory before failing.

I just tried doing a disk-based setup to see if that was a way around it and got the same, exact same error. Any suggestions? For starters, is there a log file that might tell me what's going on beyond simply nd rather pointlessly repeating "diskless setup has failed"?

Why is it detected badly and screwing up like this? It's worked fine with a couple of test machines. This little box was meant to be the nice quiet media director in the corner and I bought this via board because I had the impression that LinuxMCE would work with it. Was I wrong?

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