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Users / Re: 7 random questions
« on: February 23, 2010, 02:56:28 pm »
7. Are you using UI2 with masking or alpha blending? Masking, although not quite as sexy as alpha blending, does stop a lot of tearing issues.
the skin is "basic" with alpha blended UI plus opengl effects. i thought, since its a very good graphic card, this shouldnt matter at all, since when the movie is played, the UI wont get rendered.

Users / Re: WebDT366 [SOLVED]
« on: February 23, 2010, 02:37:02 pm »
i added it today

Users / 7 random questions
« on: February 23, 2010, 02:17:43 pm »
hi there,

i finally got my new hybrid, installed it and configured some stuff. while playing around, testing everything, i made a list of questions - hopefully you can answer them ;)

1) MKV Files: xine is playing the mkv files, but it stops working if a file is bigger than 9gb. so i have to rename it to m2ts that mplayer handles it. is that a known bug in xine? personally i would want xine to stream those videos, since mplayer cant pause the movie
2) updating lmce: what update mechanisms are available? i found out that in the webadmin there is a link called "force update" (More --> Advanced Options --> Force Upgrade Now) - can this be pressed without destroying the whole system? "force" sounds so hard, i am afraid to destroy it ;) There is another link i found: sqlcvs update. Whats that for?
3) RAM: i have 2x2GB ram installed, but since its a 32bit kubuntu it just recognizes 2,3GB - am i able to change that somehow?
4) iTunes: is the lmce audio library possible to play music that was bought via iTunes?
5) Audio playing: is there anything like a visualization, as we know it from windows media player, for the audio? i personally like that stuff and its better than having pictures/flickr in the background ;)
6) 100% cpu: while playing 1080p movies (between 6 to 25GB per file), one core gets stressed by mplayer / xine to 100%. is this normal? can i somehow lay some calculations on the GPU?
7) i dont know how to explain that exactly - i hope you will understand ... when playing videos on my philips aurea (40'', full hd) it looks like parts of the screen are later updated than others. the best example is a flying camera over some mountains (braveheart intro e.g.) - the lower part is running smooth, the top quarter is updated later so you see the delay (looks like lagging). if you dont understand it i can try recording the screen and post the video here.

thanks for answering my questions :)

Users / Re: hardware config for hybrid
« on: February 18, 2010, 11:24:05 am »

when is the external network needed? for updates and if i want to access the internet with it?
because then i would plug it in for the install and remove the cable, since i dont want a cable going through 2 rooms

Users / Re: hardware config for hybrid
« on: February 18, 2010, 10:35:08 am »

i read the FAQ and it is much clearer to me now, eventhou i still have a question.

i will do it as techstyle wrote - the NIC for the internal network to a WLAN AP where the WEBDT connects to.
the problem is the external network since the hybrid is located in the living room where there is no network access, there is only a WLAN router 2 rooms away - cant i use, for the external network, a wlan NIC? the faq doesnt mention anything that a wired nic is needed.
if it wont work, i would need another wlan router that bridges the traffic from my first router to get a working external network?

Users / Re: hardware config for hybrid
« on: February 17, 2010, 08:18:06 pm »
thanks again for your answer.

2. i didnt know that wired nics are needed. that makes it more complicated since i need a router that maintains two different wlan networks. one for the webdt panel and one for the internet connection.
3. i take the smallest hd i find ;) dont care about the size then

Users / Re: hardware config for hybrid
« on: February 17, 2010, 03:10:41 pm »
well i googled around and it tells me PSU = power supply unit. if you mean that, its a Delta GPS-750ABA ATX with 750 watt

Users / Re: hardware config for hybrid
« on: February 17, 2010, 02:55:01 pm »
thanks for your reply - but what is PSU?

1. Not sure if a quad core is necessary, might be able to save your pennies there. It won't do any harm though!!
my single core laptop cant stream 13GB mkvs without lagging, my quadcore can - i just want to be sure that everything runs smooth
2.You need a second network card that uses a hard wire, not a wireless one. If you want wireless internet access, plug a wireless access point (can be an old router) into your switch.
em thats confusing me. i have this WEBDDT panel which uses wlan for communication. so i need 2 wired NICs? since linux doesnt care about wired / not wired it should work using 1 wired nic and 1 wlan? or am i completely wrong here?
3. Consider getting a small HD for the OS, and use the big 'un for all your data. I had serious problems doing it like this with 0710 with regards to mythTV recordings, but I am pleased to say that 0810beta2 handles it beautifully (thanks devs!).
ok i will switch to 20/750 then
4. I remember having problems on an ubuntu box using a PCIe soundblaster sound card, in that it couldn't recognise it. That was a while ago mind, so do some research on that one would be my suggestion.
thanks i will

Users / hardware config for hybrid
« on: February 17, 2010, 01:47:15 pm »
hi there,

i finally found time to configure the hardware of my new hybrid. it should be capable of streaming fullhd movies from mkv files.

can you please comment on that hardware? i dont want to run into any hardware issues.
- motherboard: Gigabyte Mainboard GA-MA785GT-UD3H, Socket AM3, 4x DDR3, 1x PCI-Express16x(16x Speed),
1x PCI-Express16x (4x Speed), 3x PCI-Express1x, 2x PCI, 6x SATA2, 1x PS2, 6x USB, VGA, DVI,
HDMI, Firewire, Lan, Sound,
- CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965 3,4GHz, 8MB Cache, Socket AM3
- Graphiccard: Zotac Grafikkarte GT240 512 DDR3, PCI-Express, Dual-Link DVI, PN 288-2N130-010ZT
- RAM: 2xADATA 2048MB DDR3 2GB DDR3, 1333MHz
- HD: HDD750GB Samsung Festplatte F1 HD753LJ, SATA, 7200rpm, 32MB Cache
- optical drive: Samsung Blu-Ray Combo SH-B083L, DVD+-Writer
- soundcard: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium - Soundkarte - 24-Bit - 192 kHz - 109 dB S/N - 7.1 Channel
Surround - PCI Express x1 - Creative X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity
- wlan: W-LAN PCI Adapter TP-Link TL-WN951N, Retail (300 mbps, 802.11b/g/n, abnehmbare Antennen, 3
Transmitter, 3 Receiver (3T3R))

i want that thing to be high end and not lagging around as my old setup is ;)
if you have any suggestions or know some bottlenecks / problems, i would love to hear them.

thanks very much

Users / Is this setup possible with lmce?
« on: January 02, 2010, 12:28:37 pm »

since i moved to a new apartment i thought about renewing my home cinema system and i would want to know if this setup would work with lmce:

- full hd video via hdmi
- blu ray drive
- 1.5tb hd (ntfs) via usb2.0

So is lmce capable of playing full hd movies from a blu ray drive via hdmi to my full hd tv set? is it possible to play movies from an usb 2.0 external hd with ntfs filesystem?

thanks in advance

Users / Re: Windows shared directories
« on: August 29, 2008, 04:41:45 pm »
i talked with tschak yesterday for a very long time and we found out that its not the memory, its the kernel that wants me to piss off.
because i dont want to compile a new kernel (i did this yesterday in the night for 10 gentoo boxes, i'm sick of it now) i can't use lmce :( but thanks for your help anyway

Users / Re: Windows shared directories
« on: August 28, 2008, 11:31:25 pm »
alright i reinstalled lmce, used internal ips, said "yes" to use the lmce directory structure.

Works very well for me now with some audio files, but importing all my 10gb of audio does not work. i tried to have a look at the directory mounted (via ssh), and found out that 1gb of memory for lmce is not enough. because all the 10gb audio files are in one single directory and doing a simple "ls" fails with the message "cannot allocate memory".

are there any workarounds know? dont want to insert more memory ;)

Users / Re: Windows shared directories
« on: August 28, 2008, 04:37:44 pm »
i will post my results on this, but first of all: my box is not booting anymore. this will be a long evening ;)

Users / Re: Windows shared directories
« on: August 28, 2008, 03:45:09 pm »
ok i will try it - then the only problem is to get my vista 64bit to use 2 different ips ... damn it under linux its much more easier ;)

Users / Windows shared directories
« on: August 28, 2008, 09:22:25 am »
hi there,

on my workstation i have 3 network shares without password:
- music
- images
- movies

you can imagine in what folder is what type of files ;)
after turning off the firewall and adding my workstation manually (because of external ip adress, not internal network), mce found my shares, i added them correctly.
when i have a closer look on them (Advanced->Configuration->Devices->[Windows Share-Movies]) i see that "Online" is ticked on. (This is important as i read on some threads in this forum).
MCE ran over night and now i see in the "images" share many many .TNJ files (thumbnails of my jpegs). That means that mce can access my files. But when i now click in my windows orbiter on "Pictures", "Movies" or "Audio" i dont see anything!
Even calling "Media Files Sync" on /home/public/data or /mnt/upnp adds my media to lmce.

Calling media sync on public/data results in the following:
sudo -u root /usr/pluto/bin/UpdateMedia -d \"/home/public/data\"

10   08/28/08 8:33:44.165      Activating Pluto Media Identifier... <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:44.170      Pluto Media Identifier activated. Extensions 27 <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:44.174      MediaState::LoadDbInfo ready to run big query <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:46.135      MediaState::LoadDbInfo got 128 rows <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:46.136      UpdateMedia::ReadDirectory /home/public/data <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:46.137      UpdateMedia::ScanSubfolders dir /home/public/data: subdirs found: 8 <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:46.137      UpdateMedia::ReadDirectory /home/public/data/avwizard-sounds <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:46.138      UpdateMedia::ScanFiles dir /home/public/data/avwizard-sounds: files found: 2 <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:46.139      UpdateMedia::ReadDirectory /home/public/data/pictures <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:46.139      UpdateMedia::ScanSubfolders dir /home/public/data/pictures: subdirs found: 1 <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:46.139      UpdateMedia::ReadDirectory /home/public/data/pictures/flickr <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:46.139      UpdateMedia::ScanSubfolders dir /home/public/data/pictures/flickr: subdirs found: 1 <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:46.139      UpdateMedia::ReadDirectory /home/public/data/pictures/flickr/2008 <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:46.140      UpdateMedia::ScanSubfolders dir /home/public/data/pictures/flickr/2008: subdirs found: 1 <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:46.140      UpdateMedia::ReadDirectory /home/public/data/pictures/flickr/2008/08 <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:46.140      UpdateMedia::ScanSubfolders dir /home/public/data/pictures/flickr/2008/08: subdirs found: 11 <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:46.140      UpdateMedia::ReadDirectory /home/public/data/pictures/flickr/2008/08/21 <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:46.148      UpdateMedia::ScanFiles dir /home/public/data/pictures/flickr/2008/08/21: files found: 3 <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:46.149      UpdateMedia::ReadDirectory /home/public/data/pictures/flickr/2008/08/27 <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:46.152      UpdateMedia::ScanFiles dir /home/public/data/pictures/flickr/2008/08/27: files found: 1 <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:46.152      UpdateMedia::ReadDirectory /home/public/data/pictures/flickr/2008/08/18 <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:46.156      UpdateMedia::ReadDirectory /home/public/data/pictures/flickr/2008/08/22 <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:46.167      UpdateMedia::ScanFiles dir /home/public/data/pictures/flickr/2008/08/22: files found: 8 <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:46.170      UpdateMedia::ReadDirectory /home/public/data/pictures/flickr/2008/08/26 <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:46.179      UpdateMedia::ScanFiles dir /home/public/data/pictures/flickr/2008/08/26: files found: 7 <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:46.181      UpdateMedia::ReadDirectory /home/public/data/pictures/flickr/2008/08/23 <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:46.191      UpdateMedia::ScanFiles dir /home/public/data/pictures/flickr/2008/08/23: files found: 5 <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:46.193      UpdateMedia::ReadDirectory /home/public/data/pictures/flickr/2008/08/20 <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:46.201      UpdateMedia::ScanFiles dir /home/public/data/pictures/flickr/2008/08/20: files found: 5 <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:46.202      UpdateMedia::ReadDirectory /home/public/data/pictures/flickr/2008/08/25 <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:46.217      UpdateMedia::ScanFiles dir /home/public/data/pictures/flickr/2008/08/25: files found: 13 <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:46.221      UpdateMedia::ReadDirectory /home/public/data/pictures/flickr/2008/08/19 <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:46.236      UpdateMedia::ScanFiles dir /home/public/data/pictures/flickr/2008/08/19: files found: 21 <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:46.253      UpdateMedia::ReadDirectory /home/public/data/pictures/flickr/2008/08/24 <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:46.275      UpdateMedia::ScanFiles dir /home/public/data/pictures/flickr/2008/08/24: files found: 33 <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:46.282      UpdateMedia::ReadDirectory /home/public/data/pictures/flickr/2008/08/17 <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:46.285      UpdateMedia::ScanFiles dir /home/public/data/pictures/flickr/2008/08/17: files found: 4 <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:33:46.287      UpdateMedia::ReadDirectory /home/public/data/other <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:34:22.438      UpdateMedia::ScanSubfolders dir /home/public/data/other: subdirs found: 2 <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:34:22.438      UpdateMedia::ReadDirectory /home/public/data/other/Windows Share-Bilder [57] <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:35:05.045      UpdateMedia::ReadDirectory /home/public/data/other/Windows Share-Movies [58] <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:35:30.630      UpdateMedia::ReadDirectory /home/public/data/videos <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:35:30.630      UpdateMedia::ScanSubfolders dir /home/public/data/videos: subdirs found: 1 <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:35:30.630      UpdateMedia::ReadDirectory /home/public/data/videos/tv_shows_1 <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:35:30.631      UpdateMedia::ReadDirectory /home/public/data/audio <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:35:30.631      UpdateMedia::ReadDirectory /home/public/data/documents <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:35:30.632      UpdateMedia::ReadDirectory /home/public/data/tts <0xb6afc6c0>
10   08/28/08 8:35:30.632      Sync'ing db with directory... <0xb6afc6c0>

I'm really confused now, for me it looks like everything would be ok (UpdateMedia::ReadDirectory /home/public/data/other/Windows Share-Movies [58])

Hope you can help me :(

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