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I'm still stuck on this issue and haven't been able to make any progress to date, if anyone has any ideas or suggestions? 

Unless I can get this working I guess my foray into the world of LinuxMCE is soon to come to an end.  :(


Hi all,

Newbie here... so first off, a quick word of praise... I've been working may way through the my first install for the last couple of weeks and am really enjoying what I'm seeing/learning.  So far I've got a couple of lights, tv, tunes and pictures all set up with control via mouse.  I'd read a few posts before I started out that had me concerned I might hit a few problems before I got to this point, but have found the software, and where needed, the wiki/forum help documentation, much more thorough than expected.  I think you're doing a great job here, so thanks.

That said, I've reached my first point of having to reach out and ask for help...  I purchased a Tira i/r and emitter which was instantly recognised and appeared to install fine.  I then set up device templates for both my tv and cable box, and am at the point where I'm testing the pronto codes for each device.  While I know I've got the right code sets, I'm ony able to get my cable or tv box to recognise my test button presses (or actual presses of the Windows MCE remote I'm also testing with) once every 4 or 5 times.   So, after every time my boxes respond to one of my key presses, I have to press another 4 or 5 times before it will respond to another.  This is making things like changing channels within Myth impossible at the moment for me.

After each successful code send, I'm seeing the following in the tira's log file.

05   08/14/08 22:49:37.444 Note: Device manager has attached a device of type 1718 that this has no custom handler for.  This is normal for IR. <0xb78506c0>
Return code: 139
3   08/14/08 22:49:43   26 (spawning-device)   Device died... count=4/50 dev=26

(the type 1718 is the Tira I/R transmitter, I get the same device died messages if I unplug the separate transmitter too).

So, I guess the question I have is, can anyone help me work out what's causing this behaviour? and more importantly help me to get around the issue.  Please also let me know if there's better log info I can pull out from anywhere to help with this.


(ps, I'm running the 710 DVD installation, on a P4 31Ghz, 1mg ram box with NVidia 7300GT, Audigy LS, Hauppague PVR-250, + 2 NIC's.  generic USB bluetooth dongle, Intermatic HA22, and the Tira transmitter).   

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