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Users / Re: Problem whit newcs and /dev/ttyS0
« on: April 15, 2008, 06:49:54 pm »
Thnx, it work.

But say, if I want to have more com-ports in the future. Can i then exclude /dev/ttyS0 in some way?


Users / Problem whit newcs and /dev/ttyS0
« on: April 14, 2008, 02:20:59 pm »
My problem whit newcs is that i allways get: "Reset faild..." when starting.
If i unplug the card from reader and plug it in again, then restart newcs it starts working.

I think the problem has something to do whit HAL becouse it uses the port /dev/ttyS0 that i want to use. It's the only Com-port on my computer, so i realy need it. Or is it something else?
I have fixed so newcs starts before HAL when booting, but did'nt help...


Developers / Re: DVB Card support in LinuxMCE-0710
« on: April 12, 2008, 09:28:32 pm »
I have tried whit to modprobe the bt8xx module whit many dst_type, but nothing worked (a long time ago!).
Then i started to search the net and find that answer, and it worked directly.
Because else it think it has a CI onboard or something like that!!

I find this text about it:
Code: [Select]
There are exactly 2 card types having the same identification, adding support
for this one card breaks the other card.

Finaly i got it working  :D
So if you have a Twinhan DVB budget card whitout CI that can't scan for channels, do this:

1. Download kernel source + needed packages!

2. Edit this lines in drivers/media/dvb/bt8xx/dst.c (in the kernel source):
Line: 850:
Code: [Select]
.dst_feature =  DST_TYPE_HAS_CA,
change to
Code: [Select]
.dst_feature =  0,

and in line 1360:
Code: [Select]
!(state->dst_type == DST_TYPE_IS_CABLE) &&
change to
Code: [Select]
// !(state->dst_type == DST_TYPE_IS_CABLE) &&

3. copy config from /boot/ to .config
Code: [Select]
cp /boot/config-<version> .config

4. Apply config & prepare
Code: [Select]
make oldconfig && make prepare

5. build the drivers
Code: [Select]
make M=drivers/media/dvb/bt8xx/

6. copy them to the kernel you use
Code: [Select]
cp drivers/media/dvb/bt8xx/*.ko /lib/modules/<version>/kernel/drivers/media/dvb/bt8xx/

7. Reboot and have fun  ;)


Developers / Re: DVB Card support in LinuxMCE-0710
« on: April 12, 2008, 09:19:56 am »

I'd like to see support for the Twinhan budget cards..
VP 1020, VP1022, VP 102C, etc (I have them all)



I hope this is in right topic!

I have a Twinhan DTV Mini Cab (w/o CI) DVB-C card.
The card is working to see tv channels, but if a want to scan for channels whit it, it don't find anything.
To get this working i need to uncoment line 1360 in kernel-<version>/drivers/media/dvb/bt8xx/dst.c that reads
Code: [Select]
!(state->dst_type == DST_TYPE_IS_CABLE) &&

and then make new kernel.
I have tried to do this in LinuxMCE the Ubuntu way, but i allways fail when it reboots the new kernel. To get it up and running again i need to reinstall LinuxMCE...

The question i have is:
How do i compile kernel for LinuxMCE whit this "fix" and get it working?


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