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Feature requests & roadmap / Establish KISS
« on: June 23, 2008, 02:20:15 am »
I have been attempting to get LMCE running and integrated for about two months now and have gotten it installed, but that's about it.

I'm choosing to hold fire on setting up TV functionality for now as hardware limitations are a major concern of mine with quality.  I'm a DirecTV customer so I'm anticipating the release of the HDPC-20 and hoping that LMCE will be able to support it in the future.  That said I am also a cable subscriber and do not see any good hardware available for that at the moment either.  Sure there are QAM cards and some that will accept a cablecard, but you are still limited quite drastically from a conventional box.  There is also the other route of using a cap card with the box, but I have two issues with this setup, mainly HD is not really an option (yes I'm aware there are HD cap cards out there now, but they're few and far between).  The other issue I have with this is that you also end up with a double UI because most boxes won't let you turn off their UI so it will be displayed through the cap card along with LMCE's UI.  To be clear, this is not my gripe, I understand these limitations are hardware and until a proper hardware solution is available software can't fix the problems presented.

If you use VOIP then setup is straightforward, but what about people who are using PSTN lines?  Is it not possible to have a built in option to just select a PSTN line without all the troublesome setup I still have yet to figure out?

There seems to be a general consensus amongst those with fully working setups (again, few and far between that have fully working least not many are documented).  There are several people wanting to integrate with their existing panels, and from what I've seen most people have the same unsupported panels, but they're told time and time again, just buy a GC-100 and do away with your existing panel.  I wouldn't exactly call that integrating the system, it's more like fixing something that isn't broke.  I've looked at and attempted to use the GSD setup, but it is complicated, not documented well, and makes perfect sense why NOBODY seems to have had any success integrating their existing panel.

Home Automation:
I haven't even attempted this area yet after failing miserably with the other categories.  I've decided before going any further I need to get my existing projects working, namely phone and security.  If those configurations have been any indication of what's to come I'd just be throwing money away investing in hardware anyway.

My Conclusions:
I decided to give LMCE a try because it seemed to me it was being targeted for the average end user, but after researching and attempting to get some things working, it is apparent I was gravely mistaken.  I've seen a few productive users here on the forums answering questions and trying to help, but for the most part I've seen a negative attitude and not many resolutions here on the boards.  I agree that what is done currently is probably more robust than an easier and simpler setup/configuration, but what good is robust if nobody can use it without months of work to get it going.  In my opinion the development track of LMCE should be re-thought, and should be put on a feature freeze until better hardware support can be implemented along with a more intuitive setup.  There is just so much custom work and admittedly so many variables that each user could possibly have that answers to questions almost come across as "code it yourself".  I guess my point is that from my experience I almost feel like you have to be a programmer to get it going, and this is coming from someone who's been working with 3 other IT experts who have been in the industry for over 15 years each.  Of that accumulated experience we have not been able to decipher or make heads or tails of half of what LMCE is supposed to be doing, it's just not clearcut.

That said, I am going to continue trying to get it working, but I would like to get other people's opinions on whether or not they think LMCE is on the right development track or if they should start adopting the KISS philosophy to attract and actually keep more users as it seems to me on a weekly basis people come and go from the boards, straying away from the complexity that is LMCE.

Installation issues / Zaptel PSTN problem
« on: June 23, 2008, 01:59:16 am »
I don't understand this, I've read several articles about getting asterisk working with a PSTN line, but I still can't get it working.  The line is never answered by my LMCE box and I cannot dial out from the LMCE box either.  Why can't there be a default option to use a PSTN line like there is defaults for all these different VOIP providers?  I've read on the wiki that zaptel drivers are supposed to be included with LMCE, but no matter what I try it doesn't seem to work.  I've posted about other issues several times, each time never really getting a concise answer, instead I'm directed to an article which I am usually unable to decipher.  I'm new to Linux so please forgive my ignorance on some things, I haven't quite grasped the concept of installing things and generally need a line by line when it comes to getting things working.

Developers / Re: linuxmce and PS3
« on: June 23, 2008, 12:06:26 am »
This topic has a lot of interest to me and while I'm no developer, I do have an interest to make my contribution to any interested developer, I have my PS3 running kubuntu already with bluetooth, wifi, 1080p, and all hardware working properly already setup.  I've been attempting to get LinuxMCE working, but really don't understand or know where to start.  So, I offer remote access to this console for any developer interested in having a crack at it that either does not have a PS3 or does not want to start from scratch.  Any takers?  I'm also interested in anyone who may have some step by step instructions they'd like me to test.

Users / Re: LinuxMCE on Playstation 3
« on: June 22, 2008, 10:12:08 pm »
I need some guidance on this, I really don't know where to start, what commands to be running, etc.  Attempting to follow the guide here: is failing miserably for me with more errors than I could fit in a thread.  It almost looks like the guide is outdated as it's failing on things like copying files from the tree with file does not exist, etc.  I'm willing to try and willing to do some learning for this, but I'm really at the mercy of the Linux gurus as this whole linux business is quite new to me and I'm on an incredibly steep learning curve right now.  Anyone please have some guidance on what commands to be running and I can post errors, etc.  I'm really just trying to get this project rolling since it seemed like there was an incredible amount of interest, but yet nobody attempting to get it going, just a lot of talk about how cool it would be.  So, there's my speil, at the very least nobody can say I'm not giving it an honest try.  :)

Users / Re: LinuxMCE on Playstation 3
« on: June 22, 2008, 05:38:25 pm »
Update:  I updated the kernel to and it resolved all of the immediate issues I was having, I've got built-in Wifi working, I've got Bluetooth working, the SIXAXIS controller is working wirelessly, the system is outputting 1080p in full screen, etc.  The hardware is working nicely on it's own with just kubuntu so now it's time to start fumbling through building lmce.

I'm currently waiting for the sources to finish checking out, once this finishes I have no idea what to do next so I guess I'm going to attempt to start compiling as per the instructions on the wiki and see where the error messages are popping up.

Users / Re: LinuxMCE on Playstation 3
« on: June 22, 2008, 01:17:49 am »
A side note, anyone with experience in this sort of thing, I'm willing to grant remote access to this box to anyone who wants to help get this going.  I honestly don't know what I'm doing when it comes to Linux, but from my research so far I think I'm the only one attempting to get this going so that said, remote access to this box for anyone with experience who thinks they can help/wants to help.

Users / Re: LinuxMCE on Playstation 3
« on: June 22, 2008, 12:52:07 am »
The good news is I have 7.10 installed on my console, but I haven't started with LMCE yet, I'm curious as to whether or not I should update to 8.04, it apparently resolves quite a few limitations of running Linux on the PS3, but I'm not sure if it will possibly open another can of worms with getting LMCE to compile.  I'm going to do some research on the information you've provided Thom.  In the meantime can someone give some feedback as to whether or not 804 is a bad idea?

Users / Re: LinuxMCE on Playstation 3
« on: June 19, 2008, 05:19:40 pm »
There is a Kubuntu 7.10 distro for the PS3 available, I started downloading that last night and will hopefully have that portion of it at least running tonight.  As I understand it though, there are still issues just with the OS part that need to be taken care of such as using the built in wifi of the PS3.  I don't know much about compiling under Linux and for different processors, etc., but I assume if the hardware is working properly with the OS that the support from the application will work fine as well once compiled for the cell processor, is that correct or am I looking at having to rewrite portions of the code to support the PS3?

Users / Re: LinuxMCE on Playstation 3
« on: June 19, 2008, 03:51:24 am »
Um, that's probably an erroneous post as there are plenty of power saving options in linux which could improve the power efficiency over the PS3 playing games and running the standard XMB.  Also, I posted about using it as a client only, specifying backend things like TV tuners would be handled on a seperate core.  Anyways, mute point really, I'm going to attempt getting this going, I'll post back when it fails and hopefully I can get some pointers from people interested in helping.  I'm a linux noob and not much for coding, but I'm going to have a crack at it anyway.

Users / Re: LinuxMCE on Playstation 3
« on: June 18, 2008, 09:57:47 pm »
It seems like an ideal platform to work on, it would make a very nice client box with wifi, bluetooth, 1080p, and hdmi out of the box for about $ is a relatively small form factor already and could be tucked away out of sight fairly easily for most installations.  Anyone care enough to justify setting up an SF project for this?  I know I'd rather spend $400 for each box that I can just install and go with for all my clients and only have to custom build my CORE server to be the beast that handles it all.


Feature requests & roadmap / Re: Any Intersest in GPS tracking ?
« on: June 01, 2008, 10:29:52 pm »
I'd love something like this...perhaps an install mode for mapping CAN commands would be in order for a more complete integration of a linuxmce box into a car.  I would probably only want to make the investment if putting a box in the car if it was totally tied in and CAN-USB adapters allow you to use your existing controls to achieve just this.  For those that don't know CAN stands for controller area network and is a protocol standard implemented in most newer vehicles.  It allows the electronic devices to talk to eachother over the CAN protocol for controlling/monitoring external devices.  I believe this would be a nice addition to the already powerful IO device support of LMCE.  There is an open-source project called cPOS that is doing exactly this, although it's not very straightforward to setup, it does indeed work and their code is available to any developer who might be interested.

Users / Re: Why I left LinuxMCE for MythBuntu
« on: May 19, 2008, 12:14:19 am »
Discussion of restructuring the forums moved to:

Feature requests & roadmap / Forum Restructuring
« on: May 19, 2008, 12:13:19 am »
I was reading another post in the user forum where the topic of restructuring the forums came up and I agree that division can get too specific, but I also think that it is a little too vague currently.  I haven't posted much on these boards, but I have been around for a few months and have found that researching the current boards is doable, but can be somewhat difficult, especially if you're just searching generically without looking for a specific question (ie. where search would work perfectly).  Anyways, I've always had this in the back of my mind and the following layout is what I think would be a good compromise between a little more division then we currently have without going overboard.

-Bugs (All Categories, users encouraged to use bug tracker)
-Home Automation

-Home Automation

Feature Suggestions
-Home Automation

I think users would be able to sort out the proper place to post in boards with that layout.  Some standardization could be put in place so people would be encouraged to use topic names like:

[Version] Topic Name
[7.10 b3] Asterisk Issues

Of course I understand that not all users would follow that standard of posting, but once people start doing it and people see it all over the place they are likely to follow suit and use the same standard.

Feature requests & roadmap / Re: Ademco/Honeywell Vista ICM
« on: May 13, 2008, 01:12:50 am »
Forgive my ignorance, but I am lost on how these elements are working together.  I've searched the Wiki and think I understand the end result, but I'm failing to understand the elements involved and their specific roles.  If I'm able to get this working, can my template be ripped and shared for others to use so the panel would be supported out of the box?

Users / FXO Card
« on: May 05, 2008, 06:33:28 am »
I've searched around and found some thread and info similar, but haven't been able to find any concrete answers on this.  I have an X100P card that provides one FXO interface.  I do not and will not be using VOIP in my setup.  What I'm needing to do is accept my POTS line to my core then connect to it with SIP phones and other media directors.  How do I configure LMCE to use the POTS line?  I poked around in the advanced FreePBX pages on the web admin, but couldn't get it working.  Any help as to how the configuration should go?

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