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Finaly seem to have my installation working as a core/hybrid :)

So I added my Windows XP NTFS SATA 500GB media HDD, with mp3, mpeg2, avi, divx files. It installs in LMCE, I choose LMCE file structure and Public. Waited until LMCE states that finish installing new device, and did a reboot. Checked for Video and Audio in the UI2 GUI, but nothing is displayet.

When I go into KDE Desktop GUI, I can play all the media files, and copy them over to the core HDD Home folder, but nothing is displayed in LMCE.... :-\

From KDE Desktop:

And I can transfer to HOME:

But not to Root:

My Specs:
200GB IDE HDD Core/Hybrid installed
500GB SATA HDD NTFS media files
2 Nic's GBits installed.
No MD installed

I have read many topics on this but haven't found any fiks, only that it should be possible:

Presumably since your 300GB drive came from a Windows machine it is currently formatted NTFS... which means it will be read only (but mountable).
Ref link:

Please advise ;)

It works ;D

Now I got inernett connection :o

I had to disable DHCP function under admin site for the core, wolla!

Only using one NIC now on this setup, due to I dont have any MD's on the Core/Hybrid. Is this correct?

The internett is not working thru my GB switch/router, it is only working if I connect the Core/hybrid directly to the modem. Why is that ???

I wish too have a setup like this:

I have tried to use static IP adresses to the Core. And also disable the DHCP function in D-Link. But no change :(

If I connect the windows PC first, they both are on the internett, but after plugging in the Core; no connection on neither. It looks like there is a conflict of some sort :-\

I have also tried to use the D-Link as a switch for MD connection to a Core, but that diddent give internett connection at all....

I need a pointing in right direction, what am I missing here ???

Thanks for any thoughts on this matter

Thanks for your replays ;)

I finaly did the bios update correct, and now it installed just fine. Didnt get the best resolution on the display doe, but it works as a core... :)

Ohh it was a bit of finger trouble ::) I was using an IDE 200GB HD in this test setup and didnt chk witch IDE channel I plugged it in. So it happens that the optical unit was in the primary IDE, and the HD was set in the secondary IDE.... :P and that did not work :o ;D

Well well, it should never hurts to chk the connection a bit extra, but it is embarrassing when I dont.... :-[

I have now test runned the mobo MSI-K8N-GM2-FID both as a MD (PXE boot worked great!) and as Core/Hybrid. It functioned in UI3 as well :)

Time to look at sharing over network, all my movies and media files....

Thanks for your update on the mobo megacrypto :)

By the way PXE is network booting capability, used in MD for disk less installing throug a dedicated Core installation (eg uses no disk in MD, but is booting from a image on the core)

On a Sapphire Radeon 9600Pro 128MB, that was installed on MD that I tried out, did work in UI2 simple mode on a standard 710b4 install. So hopfully the 780 card will be supported soon in linux cause it would be great for HTPC use due to low heat emission/power use.

Installation issues / Re: Installing ATI Proprietary drivers
« on: April 13, 2008, 01:52:41 pm »
Thanks for the tutorial on Wiki great work!

I am a new user of linux in general, so I have a question on this;

Step 2

From another machine ssh into the partially installed MD. Do the following from the console;

sudo su - <return>
ssh moonNN <return> (**where the NN is the device number for the MD we're configuring**)
Now we're logged into the MD we are configuring as 'root' and we can install the ATI drivers and configure Xorg.conf;

How do I access "ssh" console?

MB: Gigabyte GA-MA78G-S2h
CPU: AMD Athlon X2 4400+
HD: Hitachi 500GB SATA
DVD Rom: Lite-On SATA

Hi megacrypto, how did the installation come along? Would you report the functionlity of that mobo. I am looking at the Gigabyte GA-MA78G-S2h, and I am hoping that it would support UI3 or at least UI2. And also, does it have PXE booting/nettwork boot capability ::)


I currently have UI1 working fine on my EPIA EN12000. If I install the latest driver v0.8 dated 04 December 2007 for Ubuntu 7.10, will UI2/3 work?

Sorry but I am confused about whether your problem is with the Via based Core or with your MSI based MD? A few more details would be useful ;-)

Have you tried a DVD install?


Oh :o well it was my MSI-K8NGM2-FID board that halts in the DVD install after starting the "copying to hard disk". I get I/O error.... down the pages and then goes to full stop... For the CD install it stops after selecting Start LinuxMCE from the Boot menu :'(

I was hoping to se how the UI2 or UI3 looks like, because this is my only board with NVIDIA gpu... :-\

i am a nobo on linux platforms, i dont even know how to update drivers... :P

Thanks for your replay Andrew


I have played around now for while with LinuxMCE on my hardware:

VIA EPIA EN 12000 with integrated VIA UniChrome Pro AGP graphics           -working in UI1 (used as CORE)
ASUS A7V880-VIAKT880 ATX, SocketA, Sapphire Radeon 9600Pro 128MB    -PXE bootable as MD
MSI-K8NGM2-FID, nF430, GF6150, mATX, S939                                      -IO error copying files to HD (no PXE).

I was hoping to use the MSI mobo with UI2 or 3, but there seems to be a problem somewhere. I have tried to update from Bios v3.5 to the latest 3.7 but no luck.  :(

Full spec for my MEDIA PC: MSI-K8NGM2-FID, nF430, GF6150, mATX, S939. AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+. Samsung HD 250GB & 400GB. Corsair 2x512 MB DDR PC3200 400Mhz CL2. NEC DVD+/-RW ND4551A. Seasonic S12-330; +3.3v/20A, +5v/20A, +12v1/8A, +12v2/14A

I have also tried 7.10 beta 3 and 7.04.

Also on the CD installation there is an error; after GRUB loading I got "Error 15"  ???

I belived that this board should be excelent for LMCE since it got Nvidia 6150..... Any comment on this?

I installed the DVD version. My harware is VIA EPIA EN12000EG Mini-ITX.

Under the installation I didn't get any picture on the Wizard Guide (the girl who is talking...) and there was a big latency in the Wizard.

When it reboots after the installation it starts well and it gets to the GUI with my user name displayed. But after a while it returns to a "DOS" like GUI and ask for username and password:

Ubuntu 7.10 dcerouter tty1
dcerouter login:

I have tried my own name and LinuxMCE both on login and password, like the tutorial says.

The funny thing is that when i try to enter password the coursor dont move or display any of what i enter.... ???

Thanks for any view on this issue :-*

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