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Users / Re: Minimum requirements for HDhomerun
« on: January 04, 2009, 02:29:13 pm »
Hello, just chiming in;

Andrew, do you have any knowledge of the HDHomerun being available for Europe?
I would be very interested in looking into one of these...

Thanks for your comment and a Happy New Year!!


Users / Re: Happy New year!!!!
« on: January 01, 2009, 06:30:18 pm »
Happy New Year to all of you!!
A Magnificent Thank You to all who make LMCE possible!!

Erwin ;D

Installation issues / pipe audo to receiver - HOWTO? Location of templates?
« on: December 31, 2008, 11:01:33 am »
Okay, let's try to drill this down to basics:

Suppose you add a IR controled receiver to your system.
First, your only purpose is to
- have it switch on/off
- select the correct input (VCR-1)
- control volume up/down
- perhaps control dolby surround settings

Where to begin?
- suppose there is no existing device template
- will you add a child device underneath the IR Transmitter?
- or will you create a child device underneath the media director where the receiver is located and make some connection somehow with the IR Transmitter?

- Do you have to manually configure or add a scenario that adds the receiver control actions to the applications say watch TV or watch Video?
- are these the Media Scenarios like Video:Entertainment Area,

Can someone point out where the default device templates live? Or are they created programmatic when the need arises?

Thanks for your input!
And a happy New Year!!


One more thought:

I have read in the wiki on how to 'listen' for codes sent by e.g. IR devices or Motion devices (Gyration).
As far as I have understood this is how I try to do this:
- first determine the Device # e.g. #41 (GO Cordless GC1005M)
- next I go via console to /var/log/pluto/ and look for a log file starting with the same device#
- then I do tail -f 'name of device#.log'

Unfortunately I have not yet succeeded in seeing the codes pass by...

What am I doing wrong?
Thanks for your suggestions!


        Hi forum,

        This is a though one (at least for me...) so please bear with me... :-)
Where am I:

I have core/hybrid with SPDIF from audio outlet connected to my AV/Receiver on VCR-1 input.
Up to now, I'v just been controlling sound directly on the receiver.

Next step is to control the receiver via IR. (Onkyo Integra TX-DS939 old but good :-) )

What I have:
  • on board (DIGN 5 case) IrTrans IRT-USB Transm/Receive (also with VFD but no light from LED's up to now..)
    I guess this device also has a transmitter, but as it came undocumented, nothing is connected to it yet. (I have an idea, but prefer to solve other stuff before...)
    This device pick's up commands allright from universal M$ XP MCE IR remote...
  • usb connected IR recognized as mce usb2 with child LIRC Embedded Transmit
    This one has a IR transmitter connected via mini-jack and the transmitting LED sticks on to the Onkyo receiver's IR eye
    This LIRC device receives the same commands from the M$ XP MCE IR remote
There is also a Gyration GYR3101 - This one works partly - It can be used as pointer/mouse and some buttons work, but not all
I have been working with Xmodmap to add some more buttons - allthough I think this should not be done with Xmodmap - Please your advice on this theme?
What do I have working with the Onkyo receiver:
  • I have somehow succeeded to connect the Onkyo with the LIRC unit (at first it auto connected to IRTrans but this could not transmit further..
    I have managed to enter and test some IR codes via Pluto admin - it seems that Pronto 0162 works for a lot.
    I also found a website where I found these hex codes - I did the test and pasted them in - and some of them do work - so I feel I'm on the right track.
    During testing via Pluto I can control the receiver - so I can check input naming etc.
  • The receiver is hierarchically connected as a child to the LIRC unit - Is this correct? Please comment?
    But how do I make LMCE switch to the VCR-1 input when it plays TV or DVD or ...?
    I have been trying to work with the pipes on the OnScreen Orbiter Device Info page.
    I also noticed that all sources such as Phone, Xine Player, MythTV Player and MPlayer are connected as child to the OnScreen Orbiter -
    I've tried to adjust their Device Pipes Used but...
Looking forward to your help!!

PS. I have been browsing the wiki but have not found much helpful - so I'm trying to write some instructions to make this stuff more easy...



Thanks for all your posts.
I do admit shortnosedly after Zaerc's bite that I need to read more carefully - but...
As I wrote earlier in my post, there seems to be no way to get the AVWizard 'show' (I know it's there, but I can't see it, not even with my nose :-) )

We're talking about the Gigabyte GA-MA78GPM-DS2H mobo, with amd 780g chipset (incl. hdmi) and an extra nvidia MSI 9400GT in the pci express x16 slot. (also with hdmi outlet) The onboard VGA has been switched off in bios.

What I did just now is connect 2 monitors, one to VGA and one to DVI BUT this time via a DVI-VGA adaptor, and yes, now the AVWizard is visible... (Indeed I seem to have read elsewhere, that this adaptor trick may help...)

But, I was actually a little shortsighted by comparing my screenshot with the one from the wiki, and there are buttons lacking... How is this?? And why are the tickler boxes greyed out in pluto admin?

Thanks for your comments,


Guys, thanks for your answers.

As it seems on the LMCE Launcher these 'buttons' are non-existant.
And in Pluto-Admin the Obiter advanced screen shows indeed a checkbox for:
- Use alpha blended UI
- Use OpenGL effects

However these are greyed out, so unselectable...

I feel either something is lacking in the installation, or I should be able to manually edit some configuration file...

When I look at the 'view whole log' screen in the advanced orbiter screen of pluto admin, I get +900 lines showing:
Code: [Select]
05 12/28/08 9:58:56.548 Event type 4 <0xb642c6e0>
05 12/28/08 9:58:56.564 Event type 4 <0xb642c6e0>
05 12/28/08 9:58:56.787 Event type 5 <0xb642c6e0>
05 12/28/08 9:58:56.793 Event type 1 <0xb642c6e0>
05 12/28/08 9:58:56.794 Event type 1 <0xb642c6e0>

I've tried to get into the AVWizard, and I know it's running (I've even started it from cli), but whether I press buttons 1-5 nothing changes... I seem to loose connexion with my VGA card output, as I can't get back to any terminal screen either..

I have my 24" Samsung monitor connected to the hdmi outlet via a DVI - HDMI adapter. (As it's intended to connect my Aquos using hdmi later on...)

Any more ideas?

Thank you,

Hi forum,

First of all Happy Christmas to all LinuxMCE- and forum users!!
Doing some testing to get improved displayspeed while lowering CPU activity for HD content, I installed the stock nVidia 180.18 driver (supports vdpau, as it seems).

As my core does not have an onboard speaker, it is impossible to hear beeps of any kind during boot procedure.
Since the core has a MSI nVidia 9400GT with hdmi on board, I have no way (until now) to enter the AVWizard.
Did try to bring the wizard up from cli, only to loose it to some X console I could not see or connect to, unfortunately...

Now my question:
The system is running UI I (basic)
How can I manually configure it to use UI II (OpenGL)?

It seems that looking at the pluto admin page, the options "Use alpha blended UI" and "Use OpenGL effects" are greyed out, so I cannot enable any of these....

Could it be that Open GL is not properly working or configured?

Thanks for your suggestions!!


Developers / Re: Cyberlink HD video player accelerated video playback
« on: December 23, 2008, 01:29:34 pm »
Just my 2cents:
For testing purposes I bought Cybelink's PowerDVD Linux from Canonical store. I was playing with the same idea as you guys..
It installed allright (Intrepid Ibex) but would not play any video. After digging I fumbled with setting.ini and managed to get it going - it seemed my Blu Ray drive was region free and needed to be set for my region.
Alas until now NO Blu Ray support.
Also I have not found how to play back files / folders / mounted iso's

Unfortunately there seems to be no support whatsoever. I adressed a mail to Canonical a day or 2 ago and so far haven't received any answer....

I'll try to keep this information updated if anything improves...



Users / Re: USB HDDs change device names upon restart
« on: September 19, 2008, 03:02:20 pm »
Hi Guys,

After a hefty period of 'moving' to our new home, starting to pick-up on LMCE again...
Related to this thread I have a question:

What file types are supported when pluging usb drives in the core or md?
Also further to Andrew's list, I would like to add the possibility to format a disk or partition, after all it might be a new disk or you would want to change fat partitions...

Further to Thom's remark:
Has any work been done to support iscsi? Personally I feel this might be an interesting solution to use NAS (e.g Openfiler)

Thanks for any advice!


Users / Re: Lost capture card (Hauppauge) - HOWTO get back?
« on: June 13, 2008, 03:09:01 pm »

Thx for replying, but I tried that already several times... to no avail.
Cards are registered during boot, I can see them in Myth but not select them....

Thx anyway,


Users / Lost capture card (Hauppauge) - HOWTO get back?
« on: June 12, 2008, 09:14:14 pm »
Hi forum,

Using hybrid/core and mediadirector on LMCE 710b4 with 2 PVR-150's, one in each machine.
Wanting to do some tests, I installed Mythbuntu on a entirely different machine in my network.
One way or the other the install seems to have connected to Myth on DCEROUTER, although I did not supply username nor password.

Afterwards, my hybrid/core and mediadirector seem to have lost their capture card!!
I tried some fumbling, checked mythbackend setup and the card is listed there (on the hybrid/core), but no tuners are present. When I try to add one, selecting the properly identified PVR-150, nothing gets registered... so I am unable to select a card....

I've tried deleting the card from DCEROUTER web interface, rebooting hoping it would re-register, but to no avail...

Any tips on rescuing my capture cards greatly appreciated!!
Also, where do the card config settings hide out?

Thanks a lot!


Users / Re: remote diskspace / NAS - HOWTO?
« on: June 08, 2008, 11:39:50 am »

Thanks a lot for your precise input!
I'm happy to read you put information in Freemind! Actually I'm using mindmapping a lot to gain an insight in whatever subject. I have quite some input of my systems in Freemind as well.
I'm actually looking into integrating Freemind in mediawiki, as I feel this might be interesting for the LMCE community as well.

Would you be prepared to share your mindmaps about LMCE?

Thanks a lot!


Users / Re: remote diskspace / NAS - HOWTO?
« on: June 07, 2008, 11:45:10 am »
Cirion thanks for replying,

I agree;
hd = 250 G but indeed filling up with recordings

Can you advise on preferred way to change recording path so as to not disturb databases?
Do I change these in Myth?

I'm also looking for info on:
- what databases LMCE uses for managing video / audio / TV recordings
- is it all in one db? or several?

I have experienced that sometimes recording information is present in the db - but recording is not existing
I have experienced the contrary: recording information is lacking in db - but recording is present!!

(I use MythTV Player on my XP station, it connects directly to mythconverg db - there I see recording present
When checking on orbiter -> video recording is not present... or it may just be time lag in db updating)

I would definetely like to get a grip on this.
I've also considered adding a hd and mounting it to the /home/public/data dir, but I find this rather cumbersome and think there should be more user friendly solutions.

Have you or any forumuser experience with mythrename.pl or
Can this be used in LMCE??

Thanks for your advice!!



I'm not in the UK and not on DB, but as far as channel editing concerns I know of at least 2 methods:
1. Through Myth setup and going to the editor
2. For me the easiest though is browse to your http://dcerouter/mythweb
- There you have several options under which settings next MythTV channel info;
there you get kind of a channel matrix where you can edit etc, it needs some playing around but once you get the hang of it, it's really straitforward. Main advantage for me is that you have an oversight of all the channels and can easily copy and paste from the wrong to the right position.

(I had the problem that the xml grabber entered the program info but the channum and freqid were empty... and having the card autodetect the channels gave me plenty of freqid, but no channum and no program listing)

Hope this helps a bit!


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