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Users / Re: [SOLVED] Mythtv problem after update
« on: May 24, 2010, 09:21:15 pm »
So does this mean it's safe for the rest of us to upgrade?  I do not have an /etc/apt/preferences file, do I need to create one with the entries ccoudsi posted?

Users / Re: Converting a hybrid into a standalone core
« on: May 24, 2010, 04:27:45 pm »
I leave my stand alone core as a hybrid.  It sits in a wiring closet not doing anything, but with the md loaded.  Doesn't seem to cause any harm and on the rare occasion it's handy.

Installation issues / Re: apt-get update -> "Hash Sum mismatch"
« on: May 20, 2010, 09:31:46 pm »
How does this affect those of us already up and running?  Right now I'm watching a fresh MD install and I'm seeing errors and packages not found for the avenard repo.  Should I update something?  Should I just ignore it?

Feature requests & roadmap / Re: internetradio
« on: May 20, 2010, 07:24:26 pm »
There is an integration with Logitech Squeezebox in the LinuxMCE. Also there is a way to add some internet radiostation as scenario. But there is no universal interface to the internet radio.

We're in the early phases of using the Squeezebox Server to stream these to either physical SB's or to our new Squeezeslave devices. We are planning to transition over to making all of Squeezebox Server's streams browsable & selectable from the Orbiter.

When we have stable cut of this we will put it up on the svn.

All the best


Sweet - looking forward to it.  I have a squeezebox boom (quite nice actually), but at this point all I use it for is playing music stored on LinuxMCE or internet radio/pandora. Eventually I want to get more squeezebox devices, being able to control them via lmce would make it that much better.

Users / Re: New Hardware Recommendations for my setup?
« on: May 20, 2010, 05:18:29 pm »
I'll see if I can help based on my limited experience with some of your specific questions.

Core - Since it's going to be in a wiring closet and not a core/md hybrid, the hardware requirements are pretty general.  Any modern computer should work fine.  Personal recommendation would be 2G ram and plenty of space for things like additional hard drives and internal cards. 

MD - Not all Atom based mini-itx computers are ION based, but the few that are should be perfect MDs.  I've been using an ION based netbook (single core, 2G ram) for a couple weeks and after a couple tweeks it's been great.  I have a dual core 2G Aspire Revo on the way, which should be fully supported and perfect for the job.  Based on my testing with my netbook, the lower end single-core would work great as well but I wanted integrated spdif output, the extra 1G ram, and the dual core cpu can't hurt.  The only limitation is hulu.  Adobe has not released a hardware accelerated version of flash for linux, and it's starting to look like they will not for quite a while, if ever.  If you want hulu on your MD (which is pretty slick), you need to step up to a desktop class CPU. 

DishNetwork - This may be troublesome.  I have heard that the Dish set-top-boxes support firewire.  I used firewire a while back with the Comcast STB, and it was problematic (myth would lockup if you tried to tune an encrypted channel, then get stuck on that channel and lock up whenever you started myth).  I believe those issues have been resolved.  When it worked, it worked beautifully.  Full HD picture, no performance issues, full control of changing channels and capturing video over one cable.  If you can get unencrypted video over firewire on the Dish STB, this is the way to go.  If not, do some searching here for methods of running HDMI over cat5 - some slick ideas for controlling the STB remotely and getting HD video to the TV (not PVR though, just watching live), but it does require a separate network cable so it may not be an option for you.  It may be possible to use the Hauppauge HDPVR now.  I don't think it's plug and play yet, but as a last and expensive option it should be possible to use for HD recording of analog component video.

I have not setup any home automation yet.  I was leaning toward insteon because it's backward compatible with the plethora of cheap X10 devices, but it doesn't seem to be as well supported in linuxmce as Zwave.  Beyond that, I can only suggest you search the forums for specific requirements.

I'll be adding a USB to rs232 cable to control my Sharp LCD tv.  Hate to say it - search the forums, there are a couple specific models mentioned in other threads that are known to work.

Ripped BDs - I rip all my DVDs and convert them on my desktop before moving them to LMCE.  To date I have bought exactly 2 BD movies - one I could not rip correctly (could not get forced subtitles), the other I converted to .mkv and it plays just fine on my MDs.  710 had issues with some .mkv files having green blocks growing in from the side.  What format are your ripped BDs in?  I'll see if I can rip a full BD movie and copy it over.  Not worth the ~40G of space for a single movie for me, but I'll try to at least test it for you unless someone else can confirm/deny functionality.

Installation issues / Re: How to install?
« on: May 07, 2010, 07:55:20 pm »
You may also try burning at a slower speed.  I had the same problem, burn reported fine, but wouldn't boot.  After burning the same image at a slower speed it worked fine.

Users / Re: Acer Revo 1080p with 810?
« on: May 07, 2010, 03:44:16 pm »
b4rnet - are your video problems in Myth or any time you play video?  On my single core ION (HP mini 311) I was having all kinds of performance, pause, freeze issues.  Last night I resolved them by going into tv playback setup and selecting Enable Extra Audio Buffering and Disable Real Time Priority.  This is with vdpau already enabled both in web admin and the Myth tv playback setup. 

I have yet to get video working over HDMI.

Users / Re: Best MD?
« on: May 05, 2010, 05:37:02 pm »
After much searching as well as testing with my single-core ION netbook (HP Mini 311), I will be buying either the Revo AR3610 or a Zotac barebones.  Those seem to be the best bang for the buck that have both HDMI for my TV and spdif for my speakers.  I'm limiting myself to dual core Atom cpu plus ION gfx.  I'd consider building one, but I haven't seen any cases that are as small as the Revo/Zotac cases and for me this is important.

If someone could point me to a similar sized case for cheap enough I'd consider going the roll-your-own route.

Users / Re: need help after latest upgrade
« on: May 05, 2010, 05:13:02 pm »
update:  When I first go into Myth it works fine.  If I watch a recorded show, at some point during the playback I lose functionality for those same keys.  Exit (escape in Myth) is the worst, can't back out to previous menus.  Also, with no "info" key (i in Myth) I cannot remove files.  These may be a settings though, previous versions of Myth I could just back out with left arrow or get to the info pop-up by right arrow, this version just cycles between the show list and the episode box.  Hitting the corresponding keys on the keyboard still work fine.  If I exit Myth with the stop button and immediately go back in, everything works fine again.

Also, during playback of recorded video (and live TV) it occasionally pauses for anywhere from a few seconds to over a minute.  During this time I cannot hit escape to back out, hit stop and get completely out of Myth, nothing.  Just a momentary complete freeze of the MD.  3 (or was it 4?) times during the playback of a 1 hour show last night.  It's very possible that the loss of functionality of certain keys on the remote starts when I get this pause, but I haven't tested this.  This freeze does not happen during normal video playback, only in Myth.  

Users / Re: need help after latest upgrade
« on: May 04, 2010, 05:52:26 pm »
Just to be clear, I had set unix extensions to "no" a while back based on previous posts regarding samba issues (after I had downgraded to a working version).  When I did the latest upgrade, including samba, my MD would not boot.  I changed unix extensions to "yes" and was able to boot but no access to media and could not get to samba shares from my desktop.  Then I dropped back to an older version of samba (unix extensions still "yes") and everything worked.  After that I changed unix extensions back to "no" and rebooted, everything still works.

For me (based on very limited testing):
old version of samba everything works with unix extensions either "yes" or "no"
new version with unix extensions "no" MD will not boot
new version with unix extensions "yes" MD boots but no access to samba shares

I'm sure there is more to it, others are running current samba.

Users / Re: need help after latest upgrade
« on: May 04, 2010, 05:24:03 pm »
No - I use external USB drives attached to my core.  Following the advice mentioned above, my core now boots to the orbiter again.  I set unix extensions to no and I'm still able to work normally (MDs boot and shares are accessible), but I have not yet tried upgrading samba.  It works so I'm probably not going to update anything for a week or two, but next time update I'll try to get it going with the new samba instead of immediately going back to an old version.  I still had the issue with the remote after doing these things a couple days ago, but I haven't tried it since.

Users / Re: DVD Collection Management - Boxed sets and Cover art
« on: May 04, 2010, 01:02:02 am »
It might not be so bad if movies and TV were not all lumped together in a generic video view, but they are

This isn't quite right... There are different media types, and you can filter by any combination of them.  The default is "All".  Look under the options, and select "TV Shows" to filter out the movies.  Assuming everything is tagged correctly, this works.

You can also search by title.  Once you select a title, you will see only episodes from that TV show title.  See Thom's screen casts on media tagging.  They are on the forum somewhere.

I know this, but there is no way that I know of to set a default search or create search categories such that instead of going to "video" from the main menu, go to "movies" or "tv shows".  My wife is non technical and wants things to just work without hassle.  Filtering or searching requires lots of extra arrowing around every time you go into video.  Having all episodes with the same title plus separate episode info makes it a hassle to find the right one. 

I do not have the technical ability to fix this.  Those that do, do not see this as a problem that needs fixing (as far as I am aware - big assumption).  Well, it is a problem and it comes up from time to time.  "Tag your media correctly and use the filters" is not a solution if you have to click through the filters every time you go to the video screen.  I want minimal hassle.  I want to keep my wife happy with LMCE.  Right now the best way to do this is to delete all my tv series videos after I watch them and keep up on Myth recorded TV shows and delete them before they become a nuisance. 

I'm not blaming anyone.  I'm not demanding or expecting it to be fixed.  I have my work around of just deleting what I don't want to see stuffed in with movies, others have their work around of selecting filters every time they don't want to see other stuff.  I just hope everyone sees these as ways to work around a current limitation, not "the way it should be" solutions.

Users / Re: DVD Collection Management - Boxed sets and Cover art
« on: May 03, 2010, 09:46:55 pm »
I also have the same issue - to the point where I do not keep boxed sets on my server.  Actually, my issue is worse, I like to rip all my movies to mkv on my desktop then copy them to lmce.  Instead of one file per ISO, I have one per episode.  It might not be so bad if movies and TV were not all lumped together in a generic video view, but they are, it is, and the best solution for me has been to just delete them after watching them once. 

The only way I know to get bluray to LMCE is to rip the movie elsewhere and copy it.  At least there is a Linux program that seems pretty reliable, makemkv.  There is rumor of "underground" work being done so mplayer will support bluray natively, including BD+, but that rumor seems to have been around since bluray first appeared.  Maybe soon, maybe never. 

Users / Re: need help after latest upgrade
« on: May 03, 2010, 12:16:19 am »
Sure - I'll give it a try when I get a chance and post the results.  I changed the config to no, but the wife is catching up on recorded TV shows at the moment so I don't really want to restart samba.  I want to reboot the core after hopefully fixing the boot to kubuntu login issue anyway.

BTW, my gyration remote appeared to be working then back to limited use.  Pre-upgrade, no issues.  Post upgrade, not all keys reliably function.  Indicator lights come on, and it's only specific buttons, so I'm pretty confident it's not the remote itself or low batteries or something like that.  It's not a case of some presses work and some don't, it's a case of working for a while then not working at all.  Not really sure where to look for this one.

Users / Re: need help after latest upgrade
« on: May 02, 2010, 07:25:55 pm »
This morning I did apt-get update ; apt-get upgrade on my 2 MDs and my core.  All seemed to go smoothly, but after rebooting them all I ran into these problems:

*smb issues - I thought I had edited the right stuff based on another thread ( ), but even after trying a couple things I had to downgrade back to an older version.  I guess it's not a huge deal, but I'd really like to be able to upgrade without going back to an older version of samba every time. 
fix -> /etc/samba/smb.conf - change unix extensions from yes to no, on core/hybrid and md's
It was set to no, but the MD wouldn't even boot.  I changed it to yes and the md booted but no access to the media shares from the MD or my desktop.  Downgrading to a previous samba fixed everything.  I guess I'll give it a shot next time I upgrade everything.  If it's working for others simply by changing unix extensions to no I should be able to get it to work for me.

*Core no longer boots to LinuxMCE, just a regular Kubuntu login. 
fix ->
Great, thanks, I'll give that a try.  Not sure how I missed it??  I think I was searching for everything other than "Orbiter" not starting, ie Linuxmce not starting, lmce not starting...  *slaps self on forehead*

*My gyration remote no longer completely works in Myth.  No clue if it's specific to the remote or not, but at a minimum the back arrow no longer takes me back a menu.  Pretty much makes it impossible to do things like back out from recorded media and get to live TV or even just back out of what is playing without completely exiting Myth.  It does still make the linuxmce menu go away so it appears to be Myth specific.
sorry, i do not have a gyration remote to verify this.
More weirdness.  Last night after I posted my initial message I noticed other things not working with the gyration remote - pg up/down in when browsing media, inability to skep forward/back while playing a movie (ff/rw worked but no skip).  This morning I started a movie for my kid and pg up/down is working again so maybe the rest is?  I do know when I initially plug it in to a MD it downloads software for it, maybe it just had trouble but eventually was able to?

One other thing I just remembered - I got a pop-up yesterday that it was unable to download/install nvidia glx.  Everything seems to be playing fine and the logs show glx is loaded.  Maybe there was some temp issue where it couldn't download/install the additional software packages it needed?

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