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Installation issues / Too high resolution to see anything
« on: January 30, 2008, 05:53:08 pm »
Hi.  I just built a custom rig to run linuxmce and to my disappointment, it was not as easy as the video made it look.  My problem lies with my video card.  It's a gefore NX8400GS.  The quick install dvd didn't provide the proper driver to enable the highest UI.  So, I followed the steps outlined on the wiki for installing the nvidia driver.  That didn't work.  It kept reverting back to the vesa driver.  So then, I tried install 7.10 using the install discs.  I Installed the driver first before lmce.  It still is using the nvidia driver, but now my resolution is set way too high to see anything.  I checked the xorg.conf and the resolution is set to the the correct res.  (680x480)  I'm using a giant tube tv with a vga input.  It's native res is 680x480.  So, my questiong is how to get the resolution correct.  I can post my xorg file or anything else that is needed.  I'm so close, I just need my resolution to get down to 680x480.  Thanks in advance.

Here are the specs to my video card.

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