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Installation issues / Re: NVIDIA 7600 Installation issues
« on: December 31, 2007, 08:53:27 am »
I had the same issue and I believe  ::) I know what is happening. When I was installing LinuxMCE from the 2 CD's on top of a fresh Kubuntu 7.04 install, whenever I chose to use the proprietary driver that the installer wants you to use, I get this issue. When I use the standard driver and change to the proprietary later, I don't get this issue. I have a NVIDIA 6800LE in this test computer I am using.

I think that the AVWizard is starting after the reboot and is in a resolution that the monitor cannot see or the driver is just incompatible. It is funny that If I change to the proprietary after the install that AVEizard runs fine after a reboot.

Hope this helps...

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