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Users / Re: USB-UIRT Learning
« on: February 15, 2008, 04:24:30 pm »

This is excellent news. I have a dish 522 DVR that uses the 301 codeset. Where did you put the lirc.conf file into the template? If i have that peice, my system will be complete. I too was having errors with the learning feature. Omly 1/2 of the number digits would work.  I too used this same conf file you posted the link to, with mythtv, and it worked great. But I am not sure where to put it into the template for Dish DVR 522 that I created.

Please post here, the location, and then there will be 1 more Dish Network template added to the collective.

Thanks again for your great work,

Seth  ;D

Have you tried switching the video outputs of your card. If the AV wizard is running, then it may be directong to the wrong video card output. You may have to switch outputs, and resolutions using the AV Manager wiki document, the most important part is here:

 Keys for choosing a connector:

 1: DVI
 2: VGA
 3: Component
 4: Composite
 5: S-Video

And for the resolution

 Keys for choosing a resolution:

 6: 640x480
 7: 1024x768
 8: 720p
 9: 1080i
 0: 1080p

I had to use number 5 and number 6 to get it to display properly, from the svideo port on my nvidia card, to my 42" Projection TV.

Hope this helps.

Users / Re: HD over Satellite in North America
« on: February 12, 2008, 04:25:18 pm »
 ;) Welcome to my world. I live in the valley at the top of a mountain. No cable here either. My current LMCE setup is:

A Core/Hybrid in the living room with a PVR150 card (dish network) and An Air2PC OTA HD card.
This box captures one of the dish tuner outputs for all regular channels, and the HD card does the local channels in HD.

A MD in the family room with a PVR150 card (dish network) and An Air2PC card for capturing HD local channels.

The Antennas I use are Radio Shack Set Top HD antennas, with remotes. They do quite well. As I am so high up, and there are little to no obstructions from the towers, I get NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and PBS with no problem. For the good channels like scifi I use the dish.

The Dish receivers are using USB UIRT's for control.

As portable MD's I have 2 wireless laptops, on the core dhcp server, that can view live SD (dish) content or recorded HD content.

As for the internet, I have WildBlue. It ain't the greatest, but its better than dial-up.

Best of luck, and congrats on the new house, we just built ours 6 months ago, and I helped the contractor every step of the way.

Its nice to get in while new, allows for easy placement of network cabling and such.


It would be great if the mce remote receiver's built in ir blasters (mce_usb2) could be utilized in LinuxMCE.
A lot of people have them, and therefore would not need to spend additional $$ on a seperate blaster.
I hear rumors of it working in the latest version (svn) of lirc, but I do not posess the knowledge to get it working outside of kubuntu.

Thanks in advance,


Users / Re: A little lirc guidance please
« on: January 10, 2008, 10:35:49 pm »
OK. I ran into the device creation problem as well, with 7.10 beta2. I posted the issue in Mantis, and got a response/fix, and file the very next morning. (Big props to those guys)

The issue number is: 003786

The link to the fix, and the file, as to where to place it is:

This resolved the issue instantly, however it never hurts to logout of the admin, do a "Quick Reload" of the router, and then log back into web admin   :)

I hope this helps.

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