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This thread was of great interest to me as I was having the same issue. Booted up, flashed the "decrouter" login business as me but then went blank screen. I tried the login "linuxmce" etc as above but couldn't get anywhere (difficult to tell with a black screen !) so, on the assumption that this was a conflict between a supposedly non-active on board graphics card and the card in the PCI-E slot, I took the following approach.

Without chaning any of the install that I had just completed, I shut down the computer. Then I took out the PCI-E graphics card and plugged the VGA monitor into the onboard VGA connector. Reboot, into BIOS (which is bang up to date by the way) and told it to use onboard VGA. Saved settings and reboot.

Voila ! Straight into the AVWizard which I'm now working my way through.

My question is as follows:

At some point, I'll want to get the real PCI-E graphics card back in there and running. Any clues on how to avoid a return to the original problem ?


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