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Users / Symbian S60 3rd edition Mobile Orbiter
« on: December 10, 2008, 10:46:09 pm »
Hi girls and guys,

if you want to try the PlutoMO (native, not Java) on a Symbian S60 3rd edition phone, you should read this post:

br, Hari

Developers / SymbianMO progress, call for S60v3 developers
« on: December 06, 2008, 11:17:19 pm »
Hi girls and guys,

thanks to the great work of Martin ( i was able to compile the symbian orbiter on linux and spit out a s60v2 sis file after minor tweaks:

Code: [Select]
[root@localhost group]# makesis PlutoMO-lnx.pkg
Processing PlutoMO-lnx.pkg...
Created PlutoMO-lnx.sis

The file is available here:

I'm now trying to compile it for s60v3. Are there any coders here with skill in that area?

best regards,

Developers / Improve ATI/INTEL UI2 Support
« on: December 03, 2008, 12:55:53 am »
this is a follow up from

I got an ATI based board for exact that reason. We also got a intel based TEO-X unit for testing. It is not that the core devs really liked the "go nvidia" recommendation. Tschak already gave pointers to the code sections in question. It would help if somebody could isolate the needed GL stuff and write a small reproducer with our needed functions.

A summary from danielk:
The extensions the UI2 uses above the usual suspects are:

The UI is rendered to an OpenGL surface and the video is rendered to
an XVideo surface, so both need to be supported with XComposite. Also,
OpenGL must support the GLX_RGBA_BIT render type; basically it needs
to support RGB buffers with an alpha channel. We don't need any alpha
for the XVideo since it's always on the bottom of the stack and has
full opacity.

XVideo must support buffers of at least 1920x1088. The 8 at the end
of 1088 is not a mistake; at least one driver for intel chips supported
"1920x1080" video frames, but this meant it couldn't play ATSC
1920x1080, video since the actual size of the video buffer is 1920x1088
due to the MPEG2 16x16 block size. XVideo also needs to respect the
dimensions of the video frame to use and the output frame in
XvShmPutImage, including negative x & y output position values (for
when the user zooms into the video) and support showing only a portion
of the input buffer (This is used, for instance, for bob deinterlacing
when the top half of the buffer is used for the even fields and the
bottom half of the buffer is used for the odd fields.) It doesn't matter
if only I420_PLANAR or YV12_PLANAR is supported for the video buffers,
but if both are advertised in the driver they should both work without
funky colors (Some ATI drivers pretend to support I420, but actually
always display the buffer as a YV12 buffer, so the U & V planes are
reversed when an application selects I420_PLANAR).

We currently use xcompmgr for the compositing, but I'm open to changing
this. What I really want, which we don't have with nvidia, is foolproof
V-Sync when using XComposite. Currently, if we turn try to enable
a video player's use of OpenGL V-Sync we actually lose V-Sync when
XComposite is in use. If we enable global V-Sync in the nVidia driver
we get a little judder when it works, and sometimes it doesn't work
at all.

best regards,

Users / Server outages
« on: October 04, 2008, 07:28:39 pm »
Hi girls and guys,

we have to move our servers to another hoster. Outages can occur over the next two days. Sorry for any inconvenience.

best regards,

Users / New Z-Wave driver
« on: September 10, 2008, 12:10:50 am »
Hi there,

a 32bit binary of the new Z-Wave driver can be found here:
Just swap with the existing /usr/pluto/bin/ZWave and quick reload the router.

Feedback appreciated,

best regards,

Users / Calling for Z-Wave user setups
« on: August 04, 2008, 05:27:17 pm »
Hi everybody,

the new Z-Wave driver is coming along nicely. I'd like to support all devices out there. It would be great if everybody using Z-Wave stuff could post a list of the exact devices (s)he is using.

best regards,

Users / Questions via personal messages
« on: July 25, 2008, 01:26:32 am »
as a result of being constantly flooded with personal messages about random topics I decided to block pm's for my account.

The point of a forum is open discussion so others can benefit, too.


Users / Z-Wave dongle for Europe - READ THIS
« on: June 26, 2008, 12:32:03 pm »
as this seems to be unclear to some users (even when stated in the wiki):

for Z-Wave installations in Europe ONLY the _Seluxit viaSENS HomeController_ is fully supported with plug and play:

best regards,

Marketplace / PLCBUS parts for sale
« on: April 18, 2008, 06:17:34 pm »
as I need to get some ZWave devices to improve the actual implementation, I sell the following parts:

PLCBUS USB Adapter EU Schuko plug
PLCBUS Crystal Scene Controller
PLCBUS Dimmer Plug EU Schuko (2x)
PLCBUS Appliance Plug EU Schuko

best regards,

Developers / Picture Player / Plugin Workshop
« on: March 21, 2008, 03:12:43 am »
Notes from tschak's brainstorming and tutorial:

[2008/03/21 00:01:44] <TSCHAK> i'll whip together a gallery viewer
[2008/03/21 00:02:07] <hari> TSCHAK: cool
[2008/03/21 00:02:14] <hari> TSCHAK: anything i can assist with?
[2008/03/21 00:02:33] <hari> thats one of the features my SO is begging for ;)
[2008/03/21 00:02:47] <TSCHAK> hari, well.. this is my plan of attack:
[2008/03/21 00:03:03] <TSCHAK> hari, (1) look at the Photo_Screensaver Template and code... figure out what we can and can't use
[2008/03/21 00:04:49] <TSCHAK> hari, then (2) create the DCE for the plugin and player..
[2008/03/21 00:05:11] <TSCHAK> hari, then.. (3) try to figure out if there's anything we need to circumvent at the Media Plugin
[2008/03/21 00:05:26] <TSCHAK> hari, then (4) implement the first pass, grafting code from photo screen saver into the new plugin
[2008/03/21 00:05:55] <hari> TSCHAK: just looking at (1)
[2008/03/21 00:05:59] <TSCHAK> hari, basically (3) is going to be one of the hairier parts, because we need to figure out WHAT in the media plugin is hard coded with respect to photos
[2008/03/21 00:06:29] <TSCHAK> I dread (3)
[2008/03/21 00:06:31] <TSCHAK> ;-)
[2008/03/21 00:14:40] <TSCHAK> hari, okay, making a new media plugin, Pictures Plugin
[2008/03/21 00:15:53] <TSCHAK> basically, we need to ...get the view/visualization stuff
[2008/03/21 00:15:57] <TSCHAK> and rip it out of photo screensaver
[2008/03/21 00:16:50] <TSCHAK> hopefully this can be a partial cut and paste job
[2008/03/21 00:17:11] <TSCHAK> the first bit, is getting the DCERouter Plugin fleshed out
[2008/03/21 00:18:03] <TSCHAK> hari, i am using the Xine_Plugin as my visual template
[2008/03/21 00:18:18] <TSCHAK> hari, at the very least, you have to implement create stream, play stream, and stop stream
[2008/03/21 00:21:20] <TSCHAK> hari, pictures_plugin has a device category of media player plugins < plugins for the DCE router
[2008/03/21 00:22:41] <hari> so i assume that builds a playlist from the datagrid and then tell the device to display the items..
[2008/03/21 00:23:09] <TSCHAK> yes, all of that is actually handled by the media plugin
[2008/03/21 00:23:33] <hari> so why do we need a distinct plugin then?
[2008/03/21 00:23:34] <TSCHAK> so for this first pass, i just implement the plugin commands to create the media stream etc.
[2008/03/21 00:23:42] <TSCHAK> because it's a distinct media stream type
[2008/03/21 00:24:06] <hari> so the media plugin abstracts stream types and the distinct plugins handle them?
[2008/03/21 00:24:17] <TSCHAK> well, there's two parts
[2008/03/21 00:24:31] <TSCHAK> (yes, this is gonna take some explaining)
[2008/03/21 00:24:43] <TSCHAK> (I had to figure this all out from scratch)
[2008/03/21 00:24:52] <TSCHAK> there is.. media plugin...
[2008/03/21 00:24:57] * bmac2 is listening intently so maybe he will get a clue on plugins
[2008/03/21 00:25:07] <TSCHAK> media plugin provides all the UI aspects of the media section of the orbiter
[2008/03/21 00:25:16] <TSCHAK> it also provides the base classes for media streams
[2008/03/21 00:25:28] <shaggy71875_lmce> *shaggy listens to the wise ones as well
[2008/03/21 00:25:40] <TSCHAK> media streams are basically handle classes, that encapsulate the media url, time code, etc...
[2008/03/21 00:25:51] <hari> k
[2008/03/21 00:26:01] <TSCHAK> and every media stream, has a distinct type
[2008/03/21 00:26:05] <TSCHAK> remember, we're dealing with C++ here...
[2008/03/21 00:26:47] <TSCHAK> and typically every media type has its own plugin... Xine is sort of a swiss army knife
[2008/03/21 00:26:52] <TSCHAK> because it handles both audio and video
[2008/03/21 00:27:03] <TSCHAK> but that doesn't matter.. .for this discussion, I'll continue
[2008/03/21 00:27:10] <TSCHAK> so....
[2008/03/21 00:27:22] <TSCHAK> there are two different pieces of code we're dealing with here
[2008/03/21 00:27:47] <TSCHAK> the plugin, which runs on the core...which creates our MediaStream subclass (PictureMediaStream)
[2008/03/21 00:27:58] <TSCHAK> and finding all of the Player objects in the house that can handle it
[2008/03/21 00:28:28] <TSCHAK> the plugin part needs to deal with figuring out which players can do what, and therefore what to send...
[2008/03/21 00:28:46] <hari> k
[2008/03/21 00:28:48] <TSCHAK> the OTHER part of the equation
[2008/03/21 00:28:51] <TSCHAK> is the Player
[2008/03/21 00:28:56] <TSCHAK> the Player... is what runs on each media director
[2008/03/21 00:29:09] <TSCHAK> Pictures_Player recieves commands from Pictures_Plugin
[2008/03/21 00:29:18] <TSCHAK> mainly, Play Media, Stop Media etc.
[2008/03/21 00:29:29] <hari> k
[2008/03/21 00:29:36] <hari> how does the datagrid plugin fit into this picture?
[2008/03/21 00:29:37] <TSCHAK> and uses the media stream identifiers and URL etc passed to it from the plugin
[2008/03/21 00:29:40] <TSCHAK> to do what it needs to do to work
[2008/03/21 00:29:50] <TSCHAK> Media_Plugin handles all datagrid interaction
[2008/03/21 00:30:19] <TSCHAK> as such, you don't have to do things like register a datagrid generator, etc...
[2008/03/21 00:30:24] <TSCHAK> all you have to do
[2008/03/21 00:30:31] <TSCHAK> is respond to play media, stop media etc commands
[2008/03/21 00:30:38] <TSCHAK> and media plugin will build and manage your playlists for you
[2008/03/21 00:30:50] <hari> ah, the datagrid stuff is handled at the media plugin level?
[2008/03/21 00:30:55] <hari> k
[2008/03/21 00:30:57] <TSCHAK> you get a metric fuckton of functionality for free
[2008/03/21 00:31:05] <TSCHAK> including the file list
[2008/03/21 00:31:07] <TSCHAK> etc
[2008/03/21 00:31:12] <TSCHAK> all of this is abstracted out
[2008/03/21 00:31:14] <hari> so we don't even have to handle the playlist..
[2008/03/21 00:31:21] <TSCHAK> the only thing we need to deal with
[2008/03/21 00:31:29] <TSCHAK> is the "Jump to Playlist Entry" command
[2008/03/21 00:31:49] <TSCHAK> so if you click a picture entry on the playlist data grid, it will go to the right one
[2008/03/21 00:31:52] <hari> to tell the device which exact item of the playlist to show
[2008/03/21 00:31:55] <TSCHAK> yup
[2008/03/21 00:32:03] <TSCHAK> there are other bits as well that we can investigate
[2008/03/21 00:32:19] <TSCHAK> there are operator overloads with respect to queuing and dequeuing the playlist
[2008/03/21 00:32:20] * bmac2 is still hunting like mad to find these parts of code in the src directory in his code
[2008/03/21 00:32:38] <TSCHAK> bmac2, src/Media_Plugin
[2008/03/21 00:32:43] <bmac2> I am there
[2008/03/21 00:32:45] <TSCHAK> bmac2, and src/Xine_Plugin
[2008/03/21 00:32:49] <TSCHAK> bmac2, and src/Xine_Player
[2008/03/21 00:33:26] <TSCHAK> and there are things we need to override in the media plugin to enable certain bits of functionality

Users / Mobile Orbiter for Java Phones
« on: February 17, 2008, 11:32:39 pm »
Hi Folks,

this is not fully working but here is the screenshot of the pre-alpha JavaMO:

Your mobile needs to support MIDP2.0/CLDC1.1/JSR082.

Stay tuned and best regards,

Users / Z-Wave News
« on: January 28, 2008, 05:07:34 pm »
to clarify some bits about available Z-Wave dongles for LMCE:

The Seluxit viaSENS Home Controller (868Mhz) ( _works_ with some tweaks and will probably be plug and play in 0710 (changes are in the pluto trunk and should be included in the next LMCE build).

ACT provided a linux driver for their ACT ZCU Interface series (ZCU101 for US and ZCU201 for 868Mhz). Unfortunately the driver was written for 2.6.10 and did not work with the LMCE kernel version. I did some patching and it now loads on 0710 and seems working. I don't know if it will be plug and play in 0710 but the basics are now done and there will be Wiki instructions for manual installation soon (installing the kernel module and adding the new usb id to the ZWave device template).

Seluxit was very helpful and gave me a test sample to be able to develop support for LMCE. They also provide me with a Multisensor in a few weeks ( to add multilevel support (temperature, humidity, light level) to LMCE. Maybe you want to honor their assistance and get some of their products.

The newest Z-Wave devices also send feedback when switched locally. Support for Floorplan updates will come soon.

best regards,

Developers / ZWave API
« on: January 24, 2008, 02:32:22 pm »
Hi Devs,

I try to collect all the public available ZWave information out in the wild on a wiki page:
Some manuals hold information about node types, command and device classes. And there is sample code in the "HomeDaemon" project. Maybe we can pull enough information together to create an open api header file.

best regards,

Users / Mitsubishi HC5000/6000 Projector
« on: January 14, 2008, 11:37:50 pm »

anybody out there with a Mitsubishi HC5000 or HC6000 projector? Got the rs232 specs.

best regards,

Developers / Marantz SR over RS232
« on: January 13, 2008, 03:24:42 am »
Hi Devs,

after the ruby hands on with ddamron (thanks again) I did a template for the Marantz SR series based on the work of bulek (
I'm handling messages from the SR with the #350 process incoming data command:
Code: [Select]
case avrcommand
  when 'SRC'
    case avrvalue
      when 'D'
         log('Input #420: CDR')
cmd =, -1001, 1, 2, 49);
cmd.params_[41] = input_param.to_s()
i see the message on the router but it has no handlers:
Code: [Select]
07      01/13/08 2:54:49.681            Event #49 has no handlers <0x71aa8b90>
07      01/13/08 2:54:49.681            Received Message from 98 (SR7001 / Wohnzimmer) to -1001 (unknown / ), type 2 id 49 Event:AV Input Changed, retry none, parameters: <0x71aa8b90>
does anybody know more about event #49?

best regards,

ps: the plug and play script works fine, too. It's in the trunk.

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