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Users / Re: Adding Audio Files to Public Folder
« on: December 04, 2007, 02:47:38 pm »
Agreed but in thinking the problem over some of this is a Linux issue.  On several CD rips a "~" tilde was used for some of the "unsupported filename" characters and the folder name might be someting like /audio/various artists/greatest hits of the 60~s  ( 60's )

I think in that case LinuxMCE intercepted and properly handled the unsupported character and substituted the tilde.  There was no problem with this CD displaying but I think Resync didn't like it.

Users / Re: Adding Audio Files to Public Folder
« on: December 04, 2007, 01:17:05 pm »
Yes, I just did because I wanted to insure it is fixed in 7.10.  I looked through all the listings of fixes in 7.10 and this problem as well as several others I have posted here in the forum were not listed. 

My fault I guess.  I thought that someone was monitering the forum and would pickup on the report. 

I listed the audio database bug as severe and the lookup error for DVDs as minor.  I noticed that the video display errors on fast moving screens was not listed and no sound for myth TV or rather Myth TV does not use the audio output that the video wizard has selected for Linuxmce was also not listed.  Myth in 7.04 uses the sound output that is selected for the KDE desktop.

I consider fixing the above 4 errors essential for MCE to be taken seriously.  Right now I would rather use a DVD player than MCE as the quality of the picture is better. 

Users / Re: Adding Audio Files to Public Folder
« on: December 03, 2007, 01:51:03 pm »
At this time given the problems with the MCE database I agree.  The Audio database will corrupt and refuse to resync if invalid charaters are in the filenames of the CD's you rip. 

One example is the group 98 degrees.  The CD used the degree symbol in the filename and that trashed my database.  Now that I know what the problem is I can rip the disk in windows and insure that there are no invalid charaters in the filenames, then copy the files to the audio folder in linux MCE.

I have tried to remove all audio files and even the audio folder from the MCE box and then resync but it appears that a copy of the database is kept and linuxmce tries to use the old database file for the new audio folder and that is corrupted.  So I have to reinstall linuxmce to have a fresh uncorrupted database then copy the audio files to the audio folder.

It really bites as the ripping feature in Linuxmce is so easy to use I keep going back to using that and then bam a filename that corrupts the database.  I should learn.  ::)

Installation issues / Re: DVI-D or dedicated HDMI Component?
« on: November 28, 2007, 01:09:09 pm »
I've used all the outputs from the Asus M2NPV-VM. except the composite TV out.  With Component out I got some sparkles in the picture that would show up more noticeably on blank screens (720P).  Those appeared to go away when I wrapped the component out wires inside the computer box with aluminum foil. 

With DVI the picture is supurb at 720P on a DLP set but would not work on my older CRT based projection TV at any resolution.  Using a conversion cable to convert DVI to HDMI also worked on newer TVs.  I can't stress how much better a DLP TV picture is over a CRT based set,  DVI in this case is also noticebly better than component out.

What I wish for is hardware support on a new Nvidia card for HDMI that includes the audio in the same plug. 

At this time DVI or HDMI out is not a critical choice as a cable to convert DVI to HDMI costs the same as a HDMI cable. 

Audio database fails.  The music file will show up for Linux but the database for MCE has no listing.  I believe this is caused by invalid characters in the CD Album title. (#.^) Linux doesn't care but the database appears to choke and then we get the "can't find self in maplock".  Once that happens I can't seem to get the database fixed.  My problem of course in not reading the documentation.

DVD database appears to be stable, just have the lookup errors.  It might suffer from the same problem, I may not have ripped a DVD with invalid characters yet.

Installation issues / Re: New Core/Hybrid Installation Issues
« on: November 14, 2007, 01:36:36 pm »
I've had this problem also.  If you choose DVI you can properly set resolution and size the first time but if you try to re-run the wizard nothing will show on the screen in either DVI or VGA.  I've found that if you load the admin webpage choose media directors on the left then rebuild image for you MD it will properly start from the beginning and you can then run the wizard again.

Installation issues / LinuxMCE operation problems
« on: November 14, 2007, 01:28:07 pm »
Again I've found after multiple installs that the problem is my hardware.  MY DVD drive incorrectly reads at least three files.  I found this after I could not install Kubuntu from what was a working CD.  I did a check of CD (one of the menu options on the install disk) and it reported 3 files that could not be read. 

I burned a new disk and still had three files reported as bad.  When I installed a new drive the installation went perfectly.

As a novice with MCE I do not know when the problem is MCE, the hardware or my not understanding how it should work. 

My suggestion; check everything.  Do a checksum of the download and run the CD checker utility before you install.  Confirm every step of the way that you have a clean install disk. (The CD checker will also uncover a problem with your drive.)  :o

Feature requests & roadmap / Link to documentation
« on: November 10, 2007, 02:04:49 pm »
Linuxmce installs a network share to access the media files.  I would like a default file share that allows read only access to the documentation available in Linux mce.  I see it when I access the core but that means I have to be at the core. 

Feature requests & roadmap / Re: HDMI control interface support and Pandora
« on: November 10, 2007, 01:56:17 pm »
I just purchased a Samsung HLT-5689 LED DLP tv and was interested to note that the documentation included information on controlling the TV via the RS-232 port and control of the TV via the HDMI 1.3a port.

They did include enough information for a programmer to figure out how to talk to the TV thru the RS-232 port (word and checksums) but they did not include any information on HDMI control.  It seems that as the previous person noted that HDMI 1.3 support includes control of the device.

Feature requests & roadmap / minor bugs in linuxmce 7.04
« on: October 30, 2007, 01:03:09 pm »
The Linuxmce resolution and audio wizard does not work after MD is configured for DVI.  If you choose to run the wizard again to change resolution or size the desktop; upon reboot the screen will blank-come back and blank again without ever reaching the wizard.  When using a monitor attached to the VGA port you see the same thing.

Different problem;  IF you try to rip a CD with severe scratches your MD will lock.  This can be partially related to the hardware.  Partially an oversight on Linux (error handling).  Buss mastering hardware support can lock the computer if it is given too high a priority. (my guess) lookup for DVD information can get the wrong info because the title of the DVD is not supported properly by  If an exact match is not found MCE database needs to inform user to manually check this information (error handling).  Of 80 disks I ripped 6 had issues but caused 12 DVDs to have problems.   6 disappeared and 6 had wrong info and thumbnail picture.

If user manually edits the database for a DVD (Files and sync) that should be given priority and not changed back as the database again checks

Mentioned in other areas but Myth uses the desktop defaults not the ones chosen by the Linux MCE wizard.  The audio out path does not track what is chosen and used by MCE.

Files made public should have an option to keep others from deleting the file. I.E.  I rip a DVD and want it available on the home MDs but don't want my child or my technology impaired wife to have the ability to delete the DVD I ripped.

All in all I am finding that errors are usually my fault in not understanding LinuxMCE and how it works.  I'm impressed with the forethought and planning in this product.  I have been using/testing a system for about 45 days and am looking forward to the next release.  I expect to document my setup and can provide a users perspective in a linux MCE setup for the forum.

Users / Re: Ripping CD Fails but DVDs still rip
« on: October 29, 2007, 12:37:22 pm »
Found that problem by deleting the files that were copied to the drive when I turned off (by mistake) the MD.

The data base for the Audio portion of LinuxMCE apears to be fragile, perhpas because there are more file entrys??  I have 80 DVDs ripped to the HD but if I rip 20 CDs that's 160 files on average. 

I did have a problem with DVDs, the wrong Picture would show up on the menu and DVDs would disappear.  Found this was not a Linux MCE problem.  Seems there are multiple producers of DVD media and they name their disks differently.  IF one of those differently named disks is not in the database a DVD listing from an entirely different movie may be used.  This screws up two listings in the database for MCE, one disappears and one gets the wrong name and Thumbnail picture assigned.

Most of the problems are caused by extentions to the title like EX. Nemo special edition WS.  The listing for "Nemo" is there but there is no listing corresponding to "Nemo special Edition WS"  MCE may choose the listing above "Nemo" as the correct one.

The Fix is to use Media Files and Sync and check every file for proper thumbnail and info.

Users / Ripping CD Fails but DVDs still rip
« on: October 24, 2007, 04:14:40 am »
I believe the problem started when I inadvertantly turned the power off on the MD while it was ripping a music CD.  Since then Ripping CDs fails but ripping DVD still works. 

I assume I broke something but how to fix?

Users / Re: DVD image quality during fast motion
« on: October 16, 2007, 10:09:34 pm »
OK, I think I understand.  The Nvidia drivers are optomized or set for gamers not multimedia.  We have to force the drivers to vsync for media. 

Shouldn't that be done by the developers as this is a multi-media system not a game playing system.

Users / Re: media files resync error - maplock?
« on: October 09, 2007, 10:11:33 pm »
Be careful that you haven't copied over anything but a media file from a windows share.  Look at all the files in the folders and delete those that don't belong and then try to resync. 

Also the ripped disk CD music files can be damaged (scratches and dirt on media), this can also cause errors.  try playing all the files in the directory and delete any that have problems.

resync, that may fix your problems.

Users / Re: No audio with TV
« on: October 09, 2007, 09:51:50 pm »
Linux MCE and Myth are two seperate programs that CAN use seperate audio paths.

If you are using the computer audio out not the Spdif or optical audio out then both Myth and MCE work properly.  If you use the Spdif (dolby Digital out) then MCE will properly output sound thru that port and DVDs will play peroperly, recorded TV programs will play properly also.  Live TV (Myth) is still outputting the sound out the computers audio out port not the Spdif and you will have no sound when using myth for live TV.

If you are using a core/MD system you can configure the audio for the KDE desktop to use the SPDIF and everything will work properly.  If you are on a network boot MD then you can configure the desktop the same way but you will have to do this every time you reload the diskless MD.

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