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Compatible Products & Services / Re: Now looking for motherboards!
« on: August 26, 2007, 12:01:12 am »
Well the blurb on LMCE talks a lot about being able to automatically detect components (such as the display) and control them, ie power on/off, select correct inputs etc, at the least when connected via a control serial cable, but the implication was that it could do this through several different interfaces - HDMI one of the main growing standards and includes the Consumer Electronics Control interface ( which is designed to do exactly that. So it is certainly entirely technically possible. As LMCE achieves this functionality through other interfaces (serial, I/R) I was hoping that it would through HDMI as well - seems logical to me, but as I say "I believe.." - are we saying that it definitely cannot do this? Seems like an obvious feature request, do you think?


Compatible Products & Services / Now looking for motherboards!
« on: August 25, 2007, 11:25:28 pm »
I notice that the ASUS AM2 M2NPV-VM Motherboard seems to be a common choice and compatible, and I was planning on using that. But I just noticed that it only seems to have DVI output, not HDMI. Whilst I understand that one is backwards compatible with the other, you don't get the control channel with DVI, and I believe that LMCE will automatically control your display if it sees it through HDMI (is this true?) and I would really like to get rid of the pointless extra display remote control that I would predominantly be using just to turn the power on and off!

Are my assumptions here correct? Does anybody know of an equivalent (spec and price) motherboard that does have HDMI??

Totallymaxed & Stevetv,

Thanks for the info! Sorry, I should have been more detailed in what I wanted! I realise that DVB-T is already a MPEG TS and so doesn't need an encoder, the vital info I missed was I would also like to be able to capture a third, analogue, stream from a generic composite/svideo in - but I see now that this is a big ask, so I will just go for a separate card for that :)

I was looking at the Nova T500 originally, but then looked at the specs and it seemed to be saying that it was only an SD card - did I misunderstand? They are both dual tuner AND HD?

The "other" features I didn't want just things like remotes, and stuff related to Windows MCE, etc - just ignore the comment!

Having great difficulty finding a card that will fit what I am looking for .... have browsed around a lot and can only find either something that I can't confirm is compatible or doesn't have the features I am looking for! Can someone help please?

Looking for a dual tuner (High Definition) digital TV card for DVB-T (Australia), so that I can record 2 channels at once, or record one and watch another, etc. (ie genuine 2 tuner); hardware encoder - not interested in all the other extra features, as they don't seem relevant for LMCE!

If anyone can make some suggestions I would be greatly appreciative as I really can't get started on building the hardware until I have this sorted...

Also, does anyone know if I were to add a second card (or third) would LMCE be able to handle it as 4 (or 6) channels?

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